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FLOAT LAB TECHNOLOGIES – $40 for a 2hr session in a sensory deprivation tank

NEIGHBORHOOD DEAL:  $40 for a 2hr session in a sensory deprivation tank

801 Ocean Front Walk, Suite 5
Venice Beach, CA 90291


We manufacture the world’s best chambers.

We began manufacturing chambers in 2000 on a ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada. In March 2002, we opened a floatation facility in Venice Beach.

Since then, our chambers have constantly improved and have been modified in design and capabilities.

Float Lab has succesfully taken the experience of floatation to new levels.

Our Venice facility houses two chambers, each with its own private room and shower (both are 7 feet tall). Our chambers are built to commercial standards for sanitation & hygienic capabilities. Our over-sized Micronic filter & pump system combined with ultraviolet and ozone equipment produce the ultimate in solution purification.

For your convenience we provide Dr Bronner’s Soap, Jason Organic Shampoo and Conditioner.




Cellular Influence Device™ (CID)

Float Lab builds immersive environments that eliminate all outside influence. The chamber dimensions are 4W x 7H x 8L. Inside is a ventilated enclosure with additional oxygen being provided. It contains 12 inches of solution consisting of 1000 pounds of Epsom Salt and approximately 200 gallons of water, which is then heated to 95 degrees [external body temperature]. The solution is maintained by utilizing UV and Ozone technologies as well as other advanced components that provide the ultimate purification system. Once the body is suspended in the solution the brain is no longer required for gravitational navigation or external input processing.

Our CID (Cellular Influence Device™) is revolutionizing the process of intelligence transfer. This technology consists of a Float Lab chamber with an ultra high-tech visual display and a 3200-watt underwater stereo audio system. The CID, in combination with specifically designed programming, creates a potential of ones development beyond imaginable levels. This training device forces a user to direct all of his/her attention to any and all inputs provided [improving learning, retention and application rates].

Training the mind to train the body maximizes an individual’s performance potential. All movement is initiated by an image that the brain converts into a program to direct and guide the body’s muscles and limbs. Repetitive stimulation of this image builds a neuromuscular memory reserve similar to perfect physical practice. This method of observation training is the process of accumulating and applying knowledge.

The CID™ is a linkage from the computer to the human mind. It represents boundless possibilities for both learning and amusement.

Experience a Floatation Session at our ocean front facility.

US $40 per session (90 minutes or longer if scheduling allows)
Call (310) 396-3336 to schedule an appointment.


Turbo Sonic®

Turbo Sonic® patented technology accelerates the body’s natural healing response, increases cellular oxygen circulation, enhances cellular nutrient uptake, stimulates fluid movement and facilitates cellular waste removal.

Book a Turbo Sonic® Session

Experience a Turbo Sonic® Session at our ocean front facility.

Call (310) 396-3336 for pricing.