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Venice Spring Fling is set for this Sat. May 20. A free outdoor music and arts festival in Venice, California




VENICE SPRING FLING 7 – Saturday, May 20, 2017
Musical Performances by: Pato Banton and the Now Generation, Lili Haydn, Trulio Disgracias, Dr. Madd Vibe and the Missin’ Links, Western State, & Jah Faith and Royal Lineage Band
Spoken Word Performances by: FlowPoetry & Ann Cohen (also live-painting the event)
Dance Performances by: Ya Harissa Bellydance Theater & Samba Da Mudança & Samba Soul


The annual Venice Spring Fling, sister to the Venice Beach Music Fest, celebrates its seventh year of totally free entertainment at the beach on Saturday, May 20, 2017, from 11:00 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. in Windward Plaza Park (1 Windward Avenue, between the boardwalk and the bike trail). The full day of art, music, dance, and literature features top-tier local and international talent, and isheadlined by international reggae star Pato Banton and the Now Generation, and includes performances by groundbreaking rock violinist Lili Haydn, and ska-punk funketeers John Norwood Fisher (Trulio Disgracias) and Angelo Moore (Dr. Madd Vibe), of the legendary band Fishbone.

Venice-Beach-Music-Fest-Spring-Fling-59-368x552Rounding out the full day of musical talent is a brand-new band of veteran musicians, Western State (composer Zoe Poledouris and Angel Roché, Jr., of Ziggy Marley) and reggae favorites Jah Faith and the Royal Lineage Band. Also included on the Ocean Stage are live spoken-word poetry performances by FlowPoetry and Ann Cohen, who will be reading the poems of her late husband, the founder of the trailblazing counterculture publication, The San Francisco Oracle. Interspersed throughout the day are multiple sets of dance performances by Ya Harissa Bellydance Theater. Drum and dance ensemble Samba Da Mudança (Samba for Change) kicks off the day’s festivities with an extravagantly costumed show-opening parade down Ocean Front Walk, arriving at the festival site at 11 A.M. and culminating in a performance by the beautiful dancers of Samba Soul, led by current Hollywood Carnival Queen Gisella Ferreira (For more details on performers, see detailed performer list below.) An aftershow will be hosted by Hinano Café immediately following the festival.

As always, Venice Spring Fling 7 is proud to host an art show that is free for select independent artists. This year’s lineup of visual artists includes diverse works in multimedia formats by Jediloves, Vanessa Y. Gonzales, Joel Harris, Debbie Pauketat, Rainbow on a Mission, Twisted Flamingo, Jessica Alfieri, BirdJayne Kondo, Margarita Sobko, and Constance Jue. Ann Cohen will be live-painting the musical event as it happens.

L.A. Poet Society award-winning local poet Joy Rosenberg will be signing her book, Pecking Away at the Madonna, from 2:00-3:00. Eclectic Hoops will be on site for play and sale. Hair artist Heni “Crazyknots” will be doing hair wraps for kids of all ages. The Hodges Collection Clothing, known for its soft fabrics and eye-catching dye treatments, will be on hand as well.

Producer Milton Rosenberg, in his twelfth year of free festival production in the community, says, “Venice West was once an epicenter of the fusion of jazz and poetry by people who became known as the Beats. The Spring Fling is a celebration of that Beat history in our community. It continues to be critical that Venice shines a bright beacon of love to the world through the arts.”

The free Venice Spring Fling 7 is made possible by generous donations from these local and national sponsors that continue to prove their dedication to arts preservation in our community: Venice Beach Suites & Hotel, The Sidewalk Cafe, Volcano Tea House, Jody Maroni’s Sausage Kingdom, Venice Boardwalk Association, Royal Gold Potting Soil, Renewal by Andersen, Vivid Seats, Fresh Brothers, HomeAdvisor, Maui and Sons, Venice Electric Light Parade, Skull and Roses Music Festival, Zelda’s Corner, Animal House, Diabolo French Soda, Hinano Café, and The Free Venice Beachhead.

Connect with the community at .

This event is endorsed by the Venice Chamber of Commerce.


Venice Spring Fling 7 Musicians, Poets, Artists, Authors, and Performers

Musicians, Poets, and Dancers:
PATO BANTON AND NOW GENERATION – Originally hailing from London, international reggae star Pato Banton was raised in the music community and quickly rose to become a top-ranked MC in Birmingham. Starting in the mid-’80s, he released a slew of albums with his band, The Reggae Revolution, with whom he traveled the world. Over the years, he has collaborated with many artists, including members of Steel Pulse, UB40, and Sting. His 2000 album, Life Is a Miracle, was nominated for a Grammy for Best Reggae album. Banton’s most recent release is 2008’s Destination Paradise. His awareness of social issues and his strengthening spirituality led him to do outreach work with youth around the world. Banton’s concerts are experiences that are not to be forgotten—dance parties where Banton delivers a message that is food for the mind and soul. Banton dialogues with the crowd on a range of topics including current events and spiritual freedom while keeping the vibes upbeat and fun! Many have said that the positivity generated from the stage has changed their lives forever.

LILI HAYDN – Rolling Stone called her music “fiery and virtuosic.” George Clinton called her “the Jimi Hendrix of the violin.” Lili Haydn’s four critically acclaimed records have been a favorite on Public Radio, and have been featured on TV and in films. She has collaborated with, and opened for Roger Waters, Herbie Hancock, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sting, and George Clinton’s P-Funk All Stars, to name just a few. Haydn is also a film composer, with ten feature films and documentaries to her scoring credit, a Film Composing Fellowship to the prestigious Sundance Film Institute, and numerous collaborations with renowned composers Hans Zimmer, and Harry Gregson-Williams, among others. A humanitarian and activist, she also performs regularly for various human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the Global Security Institute (for whom she recently performed a concert at the UN).

TRULIO DISGRACIAS – Trulio Disgracias is an ‘Arkestra’ led by John Norwood Fisher of Fishbone infamy. This music has a name: ‘Nutt Meg Music,’ based on the concept that all of the funky forefathers and muthaz funked so hard and long, that a big ‘ol NUTT was busted: the lineage started with Esquerita and Sunra, traveled through Zappa’s Mothers of Invention, and Parliament Funkadelic, and ended up in Norwood’s sack. Trulio Disgracias, the band of up to 20 people, sometimes more, is the NUTT that funk produced. The motivational peaking of dance floor freedom, propelled by the infectious bass-lines, driving drums, tasteful keyboards, fever pitch horn lines and outlandish vocal absurdities—rapped or sung—is always accompanied by wicked guitar rhythms and searing solos. Starting in 1986 as a 20-piece collective, expanding and contracting throughout the years. Throughout its 27-year history, the band has toured intermittently but extensively. Some of the funkateers that have toured with Trulio Disgracias include John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Bob Forrest (Thelonious Monster), Keith Morris, Weapon of Choice, The Skelotones, The Street Walking Cheetahs, and Dirty Walt. Trulio Disgracias released Nuttin’s Gonna Git’choo If U Don’t Look Out in 2007, and is currently working on the forthcoming double LP download, The Mystic Portals of Nuttness…N-ter The U-nutted Nations. The recordings boast a total of 76 musicians, from all regions of the musical stratosphere.


DR. MADDVIBE & THE MISSIN’ LINKS – Dr. Maddvibe and The Missin’ Links is Angelo Moore (Fishbone)’s latest addition to his network of solo projects. While continuing to tour in his 30th year with the legendary band Fishbone, Moore has also been touring nationally and internationally in support of his 2012 independent album, The Angelo Show. True to his nature as a groundbreaking frontman vocalist, instrumentalist, and poet, all songs on the album were produced, arranged, and performed entirely by Moore, featuring his talents on vocals, saxophone, theremin, keyboards, and drums. He then assembled a group of musicians to perform a signature blend of gospedelic ska-punk/funk. The Missin’ Links band features the multi-instrumentalist talents of Jeffrey Connor (bass, guitar, drums, and vocals), avant garde performance artist Princess Frank (drums, guitar, vocals), Christian Wunderlich (guitars and vocals), and Chezere Brathwaite (vocals).

WESTERN STATE – Western State is the latest project of the husband-and-wife musical team of percussionist Angel Roché, Jr. (Ziggy Marley, LOONER) and singer/composer Zoë Poledouris-Roché (LOONER, Bunyan and Babe). Hailing from disparate musical backgrounds—Zoë is a composer whose songs have been featured in the movies Starship Troopers and Cecil B. Demented; Angel toured internationally as a drummer for Dave Navarro and Ziggy Marley—the couple have been busy scoring several star-studded Hollywood movies and doing production work in their home studio. Taking a break from their band LOONER, they now join with bass player Eric Klerks (Magic Band, Mothers of Invention), guitarist Warren Peace (Casteneda), organist Rob Derba (Casteneda) to meld together poppy melodies with lounge-style grooves. Western State’s song “Sunny Side” was recently featured in the full-length animated movie Bunyan and Babe (2017), starring John Goodman and Jeff Foxworthy.

JAH FAITH AND THE ROYAL LINEAGE BAND – Jah Faith and the Royal Lineage Band was founded by Jah Faith in 2001 and featured the new and rising reggae talent in Los Angeles. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Jah Faith is one of Los Angeles’ most notable reggae performers, known for his hits “Bun a One” and “Friend for Life.” Royal Lineage has recently shared the stage with reggae legends such as The Meditations, The Wailing Souls, and Mykal Rose as well packing local venues such as La Cita and the world famous Dub Club. The Royal Lineage band is Jah Faith on vocals, Nick LaBran and Tony Diaz on guitar and vocals, Andrian Djoman on bass, Johnny Keys and Justin Quimpo on keyboards, and Renzo Garrido on drums. They are here to share good vibes and bring reggae to all reaches of the world!

FLOWPOETRY – Bridging the gap between poetry and music, FlowPoetry is a one-man reflection of the American experience in a spoken-word extravaganza! With over 1100 shows in the USA alongside musical acts and as a solo poet, FlowPoetry was honored as a finalist for the Minnesota Spoken Word Association “Urban Griot” International/National Performer of the year, alongside Leonard Cohen and Saul Williams. In 2014, 2015, and 2016, FlowPoetry was voted by the city as one of Madison (Wisconsin) Magazine’s Best Spoken Word/Poetry Performers. He is a three-time finalist for Best Artist in the Annual Madison, WI Area Music Awards.

ANN COHEN – Poet, painter, and social justice organizer Ann Cohen will be reading from the San Francisco Oracle in honor of her late husband, Allen Cohen.
In the summer of 1966, people in San Francisco began to attend a series of meetings to discuss starting a newspaper. These poets and artists envisioned a revolution of love and peace starting in the city and engulfing the whole planet; the Oracle emerged, tackling social as well as spiritual and environmental issues. Distribution grew as far west as New Zealand, India and Vietnam, and as far east as Prague and Moscow, hidden in the bottom of boxes of second-hand clothing. Oracle editorial meetings included everyone, including staff and anyone who happened to walk in the door. The idea was that if their flow brought them in the door, they were meant to be there. These guests and drop-ins were thought of as representatives of the rest of the world. Fifty-one years later, these beliefs have proven necessary for communal life on this planet.

YA HARISSA BELLYDANCE THEATER – Ya Harissa is one of the most exciting Middle Eastern dance companies in Southern California. Its repertory merges the ethnic and folkloric traditions of the Middle East and North Africa with a strong theatrical flair, using traditional music, dramatic costumes, and distinctive choreographies. Directed by Amaya Mattei, and based in Venice with a company of 15 talented dancers, Ya Harissa transports its audiences to a distant time and place.

SAMBA DA MUDANCA (SAMBA FOR CHANGE) with SAMBA SOUL BY GISELLA FERREIRA: The festival begins with an extravagantly costumed samba drum and dance parade down Ocean Front Walk. Festival participants are encouraged to participate in the dancing, which culminates in front of the stage, led by the beautiful dancers of Samba Soul, the company led by current Hollywood Carnival Queen, Gisella Ferreira! “Mudança” is Portuguese for “Change”! Samba da Mudança performs throughout California, at L.A. venues like the Hollywood Bowl and Club Nokia, and anywhere the group can help raise awareness for positive, environmental, and progressive events. Join the parade and be part of an unforgettable costumed drum and dance extravaganza!



Artists and Authors:

JESSICA ALFIERI – Jessica Alfieri is a surrealist and fantasy artist. She currently showcases her art and face paints every Wednesday at Venice Beach Boardwalk. She loves the energy and diverse crowd that Venice brings. Her art exposes creatures and worlds that only the imagination can travel to. She hopes that her art can inspire and encourage those who want to break free from traditional social structures that may be hindering their ability to live a life full of passion and authenticity. She strongly believes that together humanity can create a world of creativity, harmony, and peace the more we learn to be true to ourselves and honor all life with unconditional love.

ECLECTIC HOOPS – The only thing more fun than watching a child’s face light up over a hoop is watching an adult beam like a little kid! Born May 1, 2010, from a love of hoop dance and fascination with shiny tape, Eclectic Hoops are a collection of hoop concepts, styles and tastes from a broad and diverse range of sources, all hand made in Venice, CA, using responsibly sourced materials. Too fun to feel like exercise, too beautiful to put down!

VANESSA Y. GONZALEZ – Vanessa Y. Gonzalez is a 2006 graduate in Art Education at California State University Northridge. Born and raised in Los Angeles County, she started her own business selling acrylic paintings she called Henna on Canvas. They were a series of freehand paintings in which she used fabric tube paint to draw henna designs on colorful backgrounds. The aesthetic paintings are a representation of the principles of art and design. She also creates handmade hair accessories, dreamcatcher charms, and jewelry.

JOEL HARRIS – After several years of success in the art world, Joel Harris sold everything he owned and traveled to Peru where he lived in a native Shipibo community near Pucallpa on the edge of the Amazon. After this one-year break from painting, he returned to Venice. His landscapes reflect his experiences while traveling in Europe and South America. They express the stillness, presence, and peacefulness that he feels within. In 2008, when he became a father, he added small child-like houses, which make his paintings light-hearted, playful, and whimsical. Harris has also written a memoir, Into the Amazon in Search of Truth.

HODGES COLLECTION CLOTHING – Hodges Collection is the epitome of fashion that reflects the true California lifestyle, with flowing dresses made from luxurious fabrics. Any woman can wear these garments! Hodges pieces have the versatility of being worn casual by day and dressed up to wear out at night. Deana Hodges works tirelessly to promote fashion and philanthropy in Southern California as well as encourage a return to manufacturing in the United States. Ms. Hodges is also the Fashion Expert for the Nationally Syndicated Program, “The Dorinda Clark Cole Radio Show.” She provides fashion tips and updates to over 450,000 listeners each month.

JEDILOVES – Jediloves began drawing mandalas as a form of meditation, and it has evolved into an intricate and detailed practice. He is a self-taught artist who loves experimenting with different surfaces and materials, specifically ink pens and watercolors. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in California, he has always been fascinated by Venice’s unique vibe.

CONSTANCE JUE – Born and raised in Los Angeles, Constance Jue’s work is inspired by comic books and animation. She graduated from ArtCenter College of Design and is now a freelance artist. In her off times, you can find her walking her two shihtzus on the beach, or reading comics.

BIRDJAYNE KONDO – Kondo, a Japanese-born artist and performer, lives in Venice and Santa Rosa. She works in the Gutai Group style of avant garde art, founded in the mid-20th century Japan.

HENRIETA MISURAKOVA (CRAZYKNOTS) – Heni has been doing macramé and dreadlocks since 2009. She learned the art of hairwrapping at famous K’s Beads on South Padre Island, TX. A little section of hair is braided and wrapped with string into different colorful designs ending with a bead and charm. It takes about 30 minutes to complete and it will stay in for over three months. Heni’s hair wrap art is fun for all ages!

DEBBIE PAUKETAT – Debbie Pauketat is an artist/illustrator who loves learning how to make just about everything with her hands. She appreciates things that are traditionally rejected by others, and is drawn to the imperfections of things and people, as if they were their own kind of perfection. Her work often emphasizes these perceived flaws, and draws from them their unique beauty. In a world of mass-production and automation, she creates by hand, constantly exploring her ability to create beyond the expected boundaries of art and craft. She has studied drawing, painting, sculpture, film, sewing, metalwork, jewelry, bookbinding, glasswork, musical instrument crafting, printmaking, as well as automotive principles and many diverse interests.

RAINBOW ON A MISSION – Rainbow on a Mission has set out on a journey of sharing color and joy wherever she may travel. She hand makes colorful, Day-Glo clothing and tapestries with love, and wants to share that love with others. Her mission is to create art that brings smiles to many faces. Her media include tie-dye, spray paint, and marbling, which allows for infinite and surreal interpretations of colors and patterns. Her exquisite notecards demonstrate her extreme talent in the field of marbling, which she calls, “An abstraction of the flows and ripples that are left by our path.”
JOY ROSENBERG – Pecking Away at the Madonna is the first collection of poems by Joy Rosenberg. Influenced by her study of the texts, philosophies, and practices of world religions, her writing forges a discovery of the intersection of the Self and the Divine. Hailing from New Jersey, Joy has made Venice home for 15 years. She has been influenced by the Beat writers, specifically Beat women, some of whom she pays homage to in the book. Stop by the booth from 2-3 P.M., read some poems about Venice, traveling, and soul diving, and feed your own poetic muse.

MARGARITA SOBKO – Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, Sobko was influenced from an early age by the post-modern art movement. Sobko’s blending of textures and movement evokes a futuristic, ancient, haunting mood.

TWISTED FLAMINGO – Local southern California artist Twisted Flamingo, or Cambria, has been drawing and painting since she was five years old. Since then she has accomplished numerous awards and events for her creativity. Recently, she has been cast twice as a featured artist at the RAW Artists events in Hollywood and San Diego. Rembrandt’s use of high contrast light is expressed in her paintings. Her realistic surreal imagery takes the viewer on a dreamlike journey.

The Dead Head festival culture runs deep in the veins of event producer Milton Rosenberg.   For the past 12 years, he has manifested that ideology into the Venice Beach Music Fest and Venice Spring Fling.  The free, all inclusive music, art, literature, and film events will happen again at the Windward Plaza in Venice, CA on May 20, and on Aug. 26, 2017.
Producer Milton Rosenberg notes that “the festival continues its tradition of preserving the essential art forms in our community: music, dance, literature, visual arts, and street performance.” Along with the Venice Spring Fling, the Venice Beach Music Fest seeks to preserve town founder Abbot Kinney’s original intention for Venice of America to be a place to experience arts and entertainment by the sea.
Venice Spring Fling 7   is set for May 20, 2017.
Venice Beach Music Fest 12 set for Aug. 26, 2017.
img_5033-mMilton does great work, so let’s get to know a little more about him!
Milton likes to listen to Jerry Garcia, Bob Marley and Merle Sanders.  He cites Clock Work Orange as his favorite film, enjoys the work of the Beat Poets, and steak and potatoes are his food of choice.
Milton has ties to the California Chapter of the Merry Pranksters and uses his festivals to reinvigorate that sort of mentality.  Milton also produces the annual Venice Spring Fling, a free music festival going on its 7th year in 2017.
Go Milton!  The Venice community loves you!
As a recognition of Milton’s outstanding work in creating a beloved community event, the Venice Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee honored Milton with an award thanking him for his contribution to the landscape of Venice.  View video of Milton Rosenberg accepting his award at the Aug. 27, 2016 Venice Beach Music Fest in Venice, California.


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