Team Venice Paparazzi was on the scene 8 years ago.    Wow, time flies!  Click here to view photos from the June 24, 2007 VENICE FEST.
(First official Venice Sign Lighting, and 100 Year Celebration of the Venice Chamber of Commerce)

ABOUT THE VENICE SIGN:  Spanning across Windward Avenue at Pacific, the VENICE Sign in lights is a modern day replica of the one originally installed in 1905 by Venice’s founder Abbot Kinney.  It is a defining symbol of Venice, past and present.   In 2007, the Venice Sign Restoration Project recreated and installed the contemporary version of this historic sign. Since that time the Venice Chamber has been responsible for the sign and for protecting its trademark.

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See if you made the 2007 cut! Over 500+ images from the 2007 Venice Fest.

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LOCATION:  80 Windward Ave.  Venice, CA 90291.    Metered parking on Windward Ave.  Parking lots on Windward Ave and  Speedway.

ADOPT A BULB & BE PART OF THE VENICE SIGN!  Continuing year-round, the Venice Chamber of Commerce raises funds to support the maintenance of the VENICE Sign.   Through the Adopt-a-Bulb program, direct donations and license fees we are able to provide for inspections and repairs, ensuring that the VENICE Sign remains a safe and beautiful symbol for all to enjoy.   ADOPT-A-BULB become a part of the legacy.   Click here for more info!

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