Happy belated birthday to the God father of Muscle Beach,  Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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Inspired by his tour?  Pose down at Muscle Beach Gym or snap a selfie at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mural.  Power up at Muscle Beach Juice Bar!

The Arnold Schwarzenegger mural is located on Speedway Ave., steps off the Venice Beach Boardwalk, behind the world famous Muscle Beach Gym.  #MuscleBeach #Arnold Schwarzenegger #VeniceBeachFun

Muscle Beach Gym, 1800 Ocean Front Walk.   Muscle Beach Juice Bar is located across from Muscle Beach Gym.

About Muscle Beach Gym:  Muscle Beach Gym is one of the treasures of Venice. Once the home gym of bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, the newly outfitted facility still serves the community as the only outdoor weight room around. The equipment is well maintained by the staff of City of L.A. Recreation, There are plenty of bumpers for all your Power and Olympic lifting needs and most of the bars are straight. If you are into pumping iron or just want to see a piece of living history, then stop by Muscle Beach Gym. A day pass is $10, a week pass is $50 and a year membership is $200.  Currently there is a $20/month deal for locals.  Also, most of the people who work out at Muscle Beach Gym, will not mind if you ask to take a photo with them.  Muscle Beach Gym.  1800 Ocean Front Walk. Venice, CA 90291.

Arnold Schwarzenegger mural is located  on Speedway on the building of 1809 Oceanfront Walk. Venice, Ca 90291.

Photo by Muscle Beach Juice Bar. 1809 Oceanfront Walk. Venice, Ca 90291.

Photo by Muscle Beach Juice Bar. 1809 Oceanfront Walk. Venice, Ca 90291.

Here is a photo of Arnold with his fans at Muscle Beach Gym in 2016.  So cool that Arnold makes time to visit his old stomping grounds.



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