Compete, watch the action, or get inspired at the Sept. 3 Labor Day Muscle Beach Championships.

For decades competitors have traveled from all over the world to compete at the historic Muscle Beach Competitions. These events are highlighted by a warm friendly local atmosphere while providing quality competition.

The upcoming Muscle Beach Competition event is the
Muscle Beach Championship on Sept. 3, 2018.   Presented by ICON MUSCLE and hosted by U.S. ARMY.

Want to compete on the hallowed grounds of Muscle Beach?  Whether you are a beginner, novice or seasoned fitness competitor, Muscle Beach has something for you. The annual competitions draws pros and amateurs.

You can register the morning of the competition.   

Free for all spectators!  Come join us and be a part of a wonderful history.

Location:  Muscle Beach Gym.  1800 Ocean Front Walk. Venice, Ca 90291.

Event info, entry forms and rules can be found on

View Sept. 3rd flyer below

GET INSPIRED BY THESE ATHLETES!   Photos taken at the 2018 Muscle Beach International Classic. Photos by Venice Paparazzi!

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