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Photographers continue to wow us as they bring the #VeniceBeachFun spirit to Instagram. Check out this week’s top ten Venice Beach Fun Instagram photos, selected by Venice Paparazzi’s awesome Venice High School intern Tori Corpuz.

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You can NOT successfully drive forward if you're stuck staring in the rear view mirror… Not for long at least. 🤷🏼‍♂️ _ This simple idea, I think, is so relatable to our emotions and thoughts when it comes to our goals and dreams. 💯 _ So many people are so caught up in what happened in the past that they can never move forward. 🔥 Now I'm not saying you should just speed through life and never think about an experience. I mean, how would you learn from it? But be cautious of analysis paralysis. To learn how much time and effort to allocate towards learning from a situation is key. You should ideally treat this like a skill on which you can improve upon. The goal ultimately is how fast can I put effort in, analyze when we need to stop and reflect, correct what needs to be so we can RE-ALIGN with our goals, and then move forward. Then you just do that on repeat. How fast can we go through that process determines how fast we'll get to our goals. 💯 _ Learn from yesterday, plan for tomorrow, and enjoy the NOW! 🙌🏻

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R E T U R N The true goal of a vacation is not to take us away, it is to help us to return. So take a vacation, even if it’s only for an afternoon. Roll around in the yard. Eat ice cream for breakfast. Don’t take off your pajamas. Build a pillow fort, hop in and watch a movie or read a book. Eat ice-cream for lunch (these are Oona’s favorite suggestions). Have tea with a friend/s and let the day slip away as if you’ve nothing else to do but sit and enjoy each other (my favorite). Remember what joyful living feels like. Take a vacation of self joy. And you will be surprised how very light, and powerful, you will feel when you come back. #returntoself #selfjoy #lifeismeanttobeexperienced #yoga #rebekahgraceyoga

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