Here is a message from Skater Made Skateboard’s founder Bart Saric.

SKATER MADE is proud to present our 2nd Full Length Skate Flick in a year!  “Stay Stoked, SMN!”

About:  “Tradition x A SK8 Rock Experience” is the 2nd full length Skate Film in 1 year from the “Skater Made” Skateboards ‘TEAM.’

A part 2, if you will, of the past 12 months.
Starring : Odin Saric, Jesse Papik, Willy Correa, Bart Saric, Todor Harizanov, Todd Nadolny and ‘The Skater Made Nation’.
This is a SK8 ROCK EXPERIENCE with musical performances by The Angry Samoans, The Specials, Eric B. & Rakim, Tito Puente, Chrissie Hynde, Otomo Yoshihide, Beowulf, Smoking Temple Band, Jai Raye, Frank James, and Orbital.
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About Skater Made:

SKATER MADE is a progressive skateboard company, built on integrity.

‘Trace your roots’ and ‘Trust the Way’,
as only a skateboarder knows.

This is a skater owned business that has over 35 years years of experience in the world of skateboarding and its culture.  Our custom, limited products are about quality guarantee. ‘Skater Made’ is built on core values and dependability.

We don’t sell gimmicks, because we don’t think corporate.

Our choice remains to stay true to the cause.
Offering you the best value for your dollar.

‘Skater Made’ would not bother, if we did not care.
We wouldn’t share, if we did not bother to dream.
Built to ride, these products were built for the ride.

“Trust The Way”

Bart Saric / Skater Made CEO and Owner. Photo by Jesse Papik.

Bart Saric – Bean Burrito at the S-Curves. Photo by Jesse Papik

Jesse Papik and Odin Saric /Young Guns – Team Riders. Photo Bart Saric

Jesse Papik – Boardslide at Venice High Rail. Photo by Bart Saric

Odin Saric – Switch FS Big Spin at UCLA stair set. Photo by Bart Saric.

Skater Made logo tile. Photo by Bart Saric.


Fan, follow and shop local with Skater Made Skateboards!

“Stay Stoked 4 Life!”

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