Positive messages from PACT graduates

Here is a message from PACT.

It’s Graduation Season!  We are proud of our Club on Campus participants at Venice High School, Santa Monica High School, Culver City, and Animo Venice.  Check out their positive messages below.

About PACT:  PACT, doing business as PACT, helps young adults ages 16-24 recognize the power of self-worth and its significance in maintaining healthy relationships. We promise you a BOLD lifestyle!

Calling all humans ages 16-24!  Check out PACT!

PACT Summer Zoom is in session. PACT welcome all humans ages 16-24 to join us for real conversations about life, online and in the flesh. Check our PACT at 3pmPST.  (contact info below)

PACT creates safe, accepting [now Zoom] spaces for young people to discuss feelings, conflict and respect. Our curriculum is rooted in awakening the power of self-worth, challenging social norms, and cultivating confidence in communicating boundaries. In the midst of current events, we are questioning our every day attitudes, prejudices, and stereotypes that contribute to unequal treatment of members in our community. Do I judge others because of the clothes they wear, the neighborhood they live, the school they go to, the size of their body, the religion they practice, the color of their skin, or the sexuality they choose? We explore unconscious bias to shine a light on privilege, racism, sexism, agism, and heterosexism. The first step to change is being aware of our own small-minded bullshit. We don’t have to believe everything we think. To get in on these hot conversations join us now.

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