Here is a message from The Cow’s End Cafe’s Thea Hartley!

“Check out this message that has been circulating around late last night. Perhaps if this gets enough opposition, they can change their minds. Feel free to pass along as many people.  The County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors meeting is today, Nov. 24th at 9:30 a.m.

Help restaurants stay open outdoors!  Support small business. Please fill out now!  It’s worth a try. Go to


  • Fill out your info
  • Click on “Item S1”
  • Click on “Oppose”
  • Make a comment

View the message that has been circulating the web!

Please note: the requirement prohibiting outdoor dining HAS NOT BEEN PASSED YET!

I have been notified by one of the Beach Cities’ Mayors that Director Ferrera’s order requires a vote of the LA County Board of Supervisors TOMORROW (Tuesday) MORNING 930AM.

Additionally, I have gotten wind that one of the supervisors is NOT supporting the Outdoor Dining Closure, and this is the real chance to be heard and to come with a unified voice. Nobody knows that this goes to vote, so nobody is opposing it at this time.  But with all of us, Im hoping we can generate 100’s of ecomments.  I would IMPLORE all of you to do the following:

Click here and leave an “Oppose” e-comment in regards to Item S-1, specifically the prohibition of Outdoor Dining.


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