Here is a message from our Venice Neighborhood Council.

If you really want to make a difference in your community, run for a seat on the Venice Neighborhood Council!  All Board Positions are up for Election this Spring.

There are many great reasons to be on the Board. Here are just a few:

  • Become a community advocate
  • Give a voice to neighborhood concerns
  • Work with the community to make a difference
  • Have regular access to City officials and departments
  • Better understand how the City works
  • Feel empowered when dealing with community issues.


Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Elections happen every two years.

The Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) along with LA’s 98 other Neighborhood Councils, form the grassroots level of the City’s government. While Venice NC board members serve their communities without pay, they are public officials elected by the stakeholders of their community.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s NC elections will be conducted by the Los Angeles City Clerk entirely as “Vote-by-Mail”.

Run for a seat on the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Board!

Candidate filing deadline is March 23, 2021!

This is your chance to help shape decisions on land use, housing, public safety, transportation, the environment, arts, and everything else that affects Venice.

Board terms are two years, during which time you’ll represent the Stakeholders of Venice and advise the City Council, Mayor’s Office, and all other City agencies on matters affecting our community. The following seats are up for election (for job descriptions, click here VNC Bylaws pages 10-11.)

• President
• Vice President
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Communications Officer
• Community Outreach Officer
• Land Use and Planning Committee Chair
• At-Large Community Officer (13 seats)
• Community interest Community Officer

Who can run?

For every seat (with the exception of the Community Interest Community Officer*), any VNC stakeholder aged 16 or older can run.

A “Stakeholder” is anyone who lives, works, or owns real property within the VNC’s boundaries. Check out the VNC Map  here to find out if you are a VNC stakeholder.

* A Community Interest Stakeholder is defined as a person who does NOT live, works, or own real property in the area, but affirms substantial and ongoing participation within the Neighborhood Council’s boundaries and who may be in a community organization such as, but not limited to, educational, non-profit, and/or religious organizations.

The Candidate Filing Period runs from February 6 to March 23, 2021.

Interested in running?

Thank You to Our Partners