Venice Paparazzi participated in the first Neighborhood Staging and Deployment Pop-Up Drill in Venice on Nov. 13, 2021!

The event was hosted by the Community Emergency Response Team and Neighborhood Team Program.

The drills included:
👉Practiced setting up a Neighborhood Staging Area
👉Organized Responders
Deployed the responders as Teams
👉Communicated with Two-Way Radios
👉And More!

The drills  focused on following the Step-by-Step Guides found at

Here is a message from LAFD CERT Battalion 4 Coordinator and Neighborhood Team Program Area Leader Jose Morataya

We held the Venice Pop Up Drill at Penmar Park. We had a great turn out. We deployed 4 teams into the neighborhood and had staging management tracking the teams.   Thank you to all attendees practice practice practice!!   Thank you, Chief Cessor for attending.

Come be part of CERT, the community emergency response team!

View 11/13/21 pop up drill photos!

LAFD Cert’s Patrick Botz-Forbes

LAFD Cert’s ChinThammasaengsri and Patrick Botz-Forbes

Right:  LAFD’s Chief Cessor

Get Trained, Make a Plan, and Practice with your Team!

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