Event name: 20th Venice Garden & Home Tour, benefiting the children & youth of the Neighborhood Youth Association

Details: A tour of 30 homes, lofts, studios and gardens in our Venice community
Highlights: This year’s tour was ‘Urban Living: Life Surrounding Abbot Kinney”
Who was there: Nearly 2500 tour guests!!!
Thank you’s:  Thank you to our Venice homeowners for sharing their homes & gardens and to our community for hosting our tour guests
About VGHT: VGHT was begun 20 years ago to help the Neighborhood Youth Association in moving/creating their Las Doradas Children’s Center.  Thanks to Linda Lucks, Jan Brilliot, and Jay Griffith for starting this wonderful tour.
Website: www.venicegardentour.org
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Following insert  from  www.venicegardentour.org about this year’s tour.  ==

Urban Living: Life Centered Around Abbot Kinney

The 2013 Venice Garden and Home Tour will celebrate 20 years of inspiring and successful tours by showcasing 30 eclectic, creative  gardens and homes within blocks of Abbot Kinney Boulevard, “the coolest street in Los Angeles.” Tour-goers will visit properties of creative homeowners, artists’ studios, the homes and offices of architects and designers, and view gardens that vary from lush to minimalist pocket-gardens.

EventPhotoFull_VeniceGardenHomeTourJan2013Architects and landscape designers live and work in Venice because the community embraces experimentation and the use of non-traditional materials. There will be homes of sleek, white cubes on the tour including two homes in one structure connected by a rooftop deck and a two-story, sculpturally beautiful, staircase. Also on view will be a redesigned home where pop-out windows expand the original footprint and bring the outdoors inside. A LEED Platinum environmentally responsive home with its water conservation and drought tolerant garden will be open as well as homes that are small in size but feel spacious because of creative design solutions. Besides contemporary architecture, restored Craftsman and updated old bungalows are on the tour and are examples of the enviable Venice indoor/outdoor living where the weather is congenial and neighbors take pride in their gardens and homes often enhanced by art of all descriptions. Loft living along the boulevard will be available for viewing where homeowners can go down a flight of stairs to street level cafés.

Some of the innovative architects represented this year include Marc Bricault, Don Dimster, Isabelle Duvivier, John Frane, David Hertz, Michael Sant, Steven Shortridge, Sue Addison, Dennis Gibbens and Carlos Zubieta. Landscape designers include Russ Cletta, Jay Griffith, Andre Jackson, Di Zock, Eva Sobesky and Tatiana Barhar. Venice has always attracted artists, and the studios of David Gale, Mollie Favre, Brad Miller and Robin Murez will be open. There is much to see on this exceptional tour as visitors meander near Abbot Kinney in the heart of Venice.

For more info,  visit www.venicegardentour.org

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Photo: VGHT founder Jay Griffith, candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles Wendy Greuel, City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, VGHT founder Jan Brilliot, VGHT founder and current Venice Neighborhood Council President Linda Lucks and  Neighborhood Youth Association’s Executive Director Amanda MacLennan.

2013 Venice Garden and Home Tour and pre-party pics are now available for viewing!  View slideshows below, or click here to view all photos taken from this event.  Enjoy!


May 3, 2013 VGHT Pre-Party slideshow.  Photos by Venice Paparazzi.  www.HireVP.com for your next event.

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May 4, 2013 VGHT Tour slideshow.  Photos by Jill and Gary Morley, Sunny Bak, and  Venice Paparazzi’s Edizen Stowell

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