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Venice, CA – May 9, 2014

A Window Between Worlds (AWBW) held the organization’s 12th annual family-fun festival, Art in the Afternoon, to benefit their healing art programs for women and children survivors of domestic violence, May 4th at the Venice Skills Center in Venice, CA. Nearly 700 attendees enjoyed activities including signature AWBW art workshops, In-N-Out® Cookout, Aquarium of the Pacific, Panda Express, Hansen’s Cake, games and prizes, musical performances, and guest appearances by 15 Disney Channel stars including host G Hannelius star of “Dog with a Blog.”


For the last 22 years AWBW has centered their work in the field of domestic violence. The event marked the organization’s growth and the expansion of their healing art curriculum with new partners including those working with male survivors, veterans and their families, sexual assault survivors and perpetrators of violence.  At the event Founder and Executive Director, Cathy Salser shared the exciting news with the unveiling of AWBW’s new mission statement:  A Window Between Worlds is dedicated to using art as a healing tool to empower and transform individuals and communities impacted by violence and trauma. Funds raised from this event support AWBW’s core programs as well as these new populations.


AWBW’s healing art programs play an extremely important role in creating safety, opening communication and fostering healing and change. Chief Executive Officer of Habitat for Humanity SF/SCV Donna Deutchman shares about our recent partnership: “When I started working for Habitat for Humanity I was looking for the most effective therapeutic model for veterans, one that was self directed and peer led. When I found AWBW I knew I didn’t have to look any further. It is this model that creates safety, meets our veterans where they are at, and allows them to be vulnerable and open up about things they wouldn’t ordinarily share.”

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More About AWBW:

1378401_712227555472338_1266365237_nA Window Between Worlds (AWBW) has been serving the community since 1991. Dedicated to using art as a tool for personal transformation and cathartic release from past traumas, AWBW’s healing art programs encourage survivors to build positive, healthier futures for themselves and their families, with the ultimate goal to break the cycle of violence for future generations.

The unique model offered by AWBW builds the capabilities of each partner site by training shelter staff, and providing ongoing one-on-one consultation, art supplies and access to AWBW’s online curriculum. The curriculum consists of over 520 healing art workshops, through which shelter staff leaders are able to view tips, highlights, quotes and variations collected from the community of over 1,000 program leaders throughout AWBW’s 22 years of working in the field of domestic violence. By offering comprehensive training and ongoing support to those wishing to use art as a healing tool, AWBW builds the capacity of agencies to offer art as a meaningful resource to survivors of trauma.

In 2013, AWBW provided 13,511 art workshops to over 19,100 women, men and children at 296 sites in 28 states.  A ten-year-old child recently shared during an AWBW art workshop, “My artwork makes me think, feel and smile through my pain. Art is art. It’s never wrong. That’s what I love about it.”


For more information about A Window Between Worlds, please visit www.awbw.orgor attend their “Volunteer Day” on May 15th, 2014.   Get involved!


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