About the Muscle Beach Nutrition Fitness + Bikini Championship Finals:  This event is where all the winners from June 21 & 27, July 21 & 28 and Aug. 9, 16 and 23rd contests competed on stage at the iconic Muscle Beach Gym in Venice, CA.

View event photo highlights below!  Photos sponsored by Muscle Beach Nutrition

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Muscle Beach Nutrition host  John Ellis with the 2014 Final Muscle Beach Nutrition Fitness + Bikini Champions Tatum Miranda (middle) and Jeremy Williams (right)

2014 Women’s Muscle Beach Nutrition Champions:   3rd: Elizabeth Deo –  1st: Tatum Miranda –   2nd: Justina Caputo


2014 Men’s Muscle Beach Nutrition Champions:   3rd: Ronald King   –   1st: Jeremy Williams  –  2nd: Ike Musitz


2nd place winner Justina Caputo with 2014 Muscle Beach Nutrition Fitness + Bikini  Fitness Champion  Jeremy Williams


Elite Team


Muscle Beach Nutrition’s Ron Kramer



Celebrity judges include Danny Hester , David Huges, John Ellis, Liz Gasparim Bishoy Hanna

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