Todd Gessel, aka, Ger-I Lewis founded the Venice Surf-A-Thon, the longest running Venice Surf contest, in 1993 after returning home from military service, wanting to serve his community.

It is much loved local event with a big history, and this year’s  shred session proved not different.  As well, for all the newbies who don’t know, Ger-i was the driving force behind getting the Venice Skate park built.  If you skate the Venice Park, you owe this guy a debt of gratitude.  He is one of the soldiers who walked before you, making your jam possible.

Check out the photos by Heidi Lemmon, and the list of the winners and placers who took home the hardware from this year’s contest.


Junior Men’s   1.Issaak Fishman    |   2. Noah Weissman   |    3. Dakota

Longboard1. Jack   |   2. Brock  |   3. Some dude on a longboard

Shortboard . 1. Jack |  2. Barry   |  3. Brock

Menhumes   1. Dakota   |  2. Logan   |  3. Skylar

Menehumes   1.Kaitlyn Beavers   |  2.Mimi Sullivan   |  3. Noah Weissman

Mixed Juniors . 1. Miles Stein   |  2. Issak Fishman   |  3. Jo Jo Fitzsimmons.,

Womens #1 . 1. Oshi Massey   |  2. Mimi Sullivan   |  3. Jo Jo Fitzsimmons

Womens #2 . 1. Savannah Garcia   |  2 Chloe   |  3. Steph Ponce

G-Masters . 1. Rocky   |  2.Jeff   |  3.Josh

Scott Adams Moat Radical Maneuver Award:  Mimi Sullivan

Tony Cahill Most Outstanding Surfer Award:  Steve Rodriguez

Thank you Heidi Lemmon for sharing your Venice Surf-A-Thon photos.

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