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Venice Underground Comedy is one of the top independent stand-up shows in Los Angeles.

VeniceUground Podcast is a new endeavor by hosts Matthew Devlin & Bronston Jones. For the first episode, Bron & Matt introduce an integral part of the VUC team — Aden Frank. After 8.5 years and 436 Wednesdays, Venice Uground fans are familiar with the giant bearded hosts. But 2.5 years ago, Aden joined them behind-the-scenes as VenUground social media guru and show photographer. The comics have all met Aden, and now it’s the fans’ turn… Welcome Aden!

Founded in 2011, Venice Underground Comedy is considered one of the country’s best stand-up shows by the country’s best stand-up comics. Every Wednesday, the best in the business play to SRO crowds in the speakeasy cellar of Venice Townhouse. The show lineups were always amazing. The podcast lineups will be too.

Venice Underground Comedy also owes its success to its hometown. Venice locals support Venice locals. Bron & Matt have a special place in our heart for our hometown. The podcast also hopes to be a place where Venice locals can come for a bit of news and fun in their hometown. To live in Venice is to love Venice. And we hope to add to the the local love.

Top: Venice Underground Founders Bronston Jones and Matt Devlin

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