Venice Surf-A-Thon 25 year Anniversary!

Dec. 8  was a perfect day on the beach!  Not a cloud in the sky, well formed, if smallish waves, and a whole bunch of friendly faces participating in the 25th Annual Venice Surf-a-thon!

Heidi Lemmon and Chris Hooten were on the scene to document  and captured it all!   View pics below! 

Here is a message from Heidi Lemmon!  Props to Geri Lewis on producing and hosting the Venice Surf-A-Thon for 25 years!  This is a fun community event made possible by sponsors, friends, volunteers and of course Lewis who was also the driving force behind the Venice Skatepark.

The Venice Surf-A-Thon is a family friendly surf contest that starts at daybreak with coffee and donuts and wraps up around 2 pm. The Order of the Eagles,  just up the street on Washington donates the space for the awards and after party in the evening.

Live music this year included DJ Jacques, Colonel Klink, and of course pizza, drinks, awards and the best surf raffle going!  Prizes included a 5 night stay in Cabo San Lucas, custom shaped boards by Scott Anderson & Michael Oliveres, SMA hand painted decks, and much more cool swag!

Two new divisions were added to the Venice Surf-A-Thon, including  body surfing, and it was a huge success with surfers turning out and shooting thru the waves with only a wetsuit between them and the wave!  The 1st Miss Surfathon 2018 Venice CA was awarded to Oishi Massie!

Props to everyone who came out and made this such a perfect day, from the 1st place winners to the kids surfing the sand dune. Congratulations to Katie who received the coveted Tony Cahill “Most Outstanding Surfer Award” for her long time volunteerism, sportsmanship, and love of all things Venice.

A big thanks to Photo bylines Seek and Surf ministry, who came out and cooked free pancake breakfasts all day. As well, a high five to Norman Antonio & Brock Meyeux, who stayed up up all night finishing the custom trophies. No matter when they start they always finish after 2 am…got to love these guys!  Sean Allen pulled the teeshirt design together this year, which sold out early and Lewis had to make a second run!

View photos from Chris Hooten

View photos for Salt Rags’ Heidi Lemmon!

Coming soon!  Venice Surf-A-Thon documentary film

Ger-I Lewis founded the Venice Surf-A-Thon in 1993 after returning home from military service, wanting to serve his community.   Thank you Geri-I Lewis for 25 years of Venice Surf-A-Thon!  View trailer below!

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