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Did you know that we started on the Venice Boardwalk in 2003 and 17 years later have an archive of over 500,000 photos!  We have covered over 1,500 events, and have grown into Venice’s premiere media outlet for local events, Venice information, community spotlights and more.

As a result of Covid-19, our entire business event photography/photo booth business has ground to a halt.  At the moment all the events we had booked for this year have been canceled.  So, if we have taken your photos over the year and you want to show us some love via a cash donation, we would sure appreciate it!

Here are ways to support Venice Paparazzi during this time!

1. Style out your Zoom conference call with a super cool iconic Venice backdrop by Venice Paparazzi.  Click here for details.
2.  Buy Venice Paparazzi photos!  Cruise through our massive historical archive of Venice event photos, find your beautiful mug, and buy a photo!  Or find your friends and gift them photos of themselves.  View event photos by Venice Paparazzi here!

3. Drop us a donation via Pay Pal or Venmo us @venicepaparazzi.  If you like what we do, and want to support, or we have taken fantastic photos of you through the years, and would like the relationship to reciprocate, drop us a donation via Pay Pal or Venmo us @venicepaparazzi.

4.  Thinking about having a post Covid-19 party when this is all over?  Make it epic with the Venice Paparazzi photo booth!

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Thank you!  We love you!

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Venice Paparazzi’s first photo booth on the Venice Boardwalk in 2003.  Yes, we have been doing this for a very  long time!


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