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R.I.P. Jay Adams!  Original Z-Boy!

On Aug. 30th, 2014 many came out to pay respect to Dogtown Z-Boy Jay Adams and family at the memorial and paddle out at the Venice Pier.  It was a beautiful ceremony. View photos  by Venice Paparazzi below from that memorable day!.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 6.39.22 PMAbout: Jay J. Adams (Feb. 3, 1961 – Aug. 15, 2014) was an American skateboarder who as a teen, was the youngest member of the Zephyr Competition Skateboarding Team (Z-Boys). His spontaneous freestyle skateboarding style, inspired by ocean surfing, helped innovate and popularize modern skateboarding. His aggressive vertical tricks make him one of skateboarding’s most influential stylists. Adams died of a heart attack on Aug. 15, 2014.  (Following insert above from Wikipedia ) 

Check out the Dogtown and Z-Boys. A documentary about the pioneering 1970’s Zephyr skating team by Stacy Peralta!

View photos by Venice Paparazzi

  • April 2014  Z-Flex Jay Boy Classic
  • Aug. 30, 2014.  Jay Adam’s memorial and paddle out


In this photo:  Seven Adams at the 8.30.14 Memorial and Paddle out



Photos from the 04.12.14 Z-Flex Jay Boy Classic

Jay Adams and Tuma at the 2014  Z-Flex Jay Boy Classic

Photo from the 2014 Z-Flex Jay Boy Classic

View Aug. 30, 2014  Jay Adams’ Paddle Out and Memorial event photos by Venice Paparazzi!


Jay Adams-591

Solo Scott

Jay Adams-307

Jay Adams-307 Seven Adams, Simon Ebling and Solo Scott

Seven Adams, Simon Ebling, and Solo Scott

Jim Muir

Jeremy Parker, Victor Blue, John McClure, Strider Wasilewski, Alan Sarlo, Jim Muir, Jeff Ho, Rick Massie, Mark Partain, George Wilson, John Hinds, Wayne Saunders, Ricky Tavares

Allen Sarlo

Jeff Ho and Peggi Oki


Bagel and Seven


Jay Adams-140

Victor Blue


Chris Dawson

Christian Hosoi

Perry Ferrall and kids

Mark Vercelli and Peggi Oki

Josh “Bagel” Klassman, Allen Sarlo, Anthony Ruiz, Jeff Ho, Shawn Briley, Kalani Robb, Tim Jackson, Aaron Murray, Scott Oster, Christian Hosoi

Jay Adams-567

View all photos by Venice Paparazzi

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