Local crew Trashie Yoga, a 3 woman team, cleaned up big time at the Venice Beach Games Spogomi event!  Not only did win the contest and get bragging rights, they won a round trip, all expenses paid trip to Japan to compete in the Spogomi World Cup!  Bam! I told you it pays to keep it clean!

Here is a message from Spogomi!

The inaugural Spogomi World Cup 2023 USA Stage concluded successfully on July 29, 2023, at Venice Beach, highlighting the power of community collaboration in environmental sustainability.

The day began with a 9am opening ceremony at the Windward Stage at the Venice Beach Games. Christopher Lee from Venice Community Cleanups opened the event with a compelling address, setting the tone for a meaningful day of activity. The Gomi Homies from the law firm Michelman & Robinson led the athletes in pledging an oath of fair play on behalf of all the teams.

With more than 100 participants and volunteers making up the 26 teams with a referee for each team, a staggering total of 192.93 lbs of trash was collected from a 1km (0.62 mile) radius of Windward Plaza. Participants competed for points awarded based on the type and weight of trash collected within a specific timeframe.

Trashie Yoga and Christopher Lee

Teams navigated through five categories of trash – burnable, non-burnable, bottles and cans, plastic bottles, and cigarette butts. Each category bore a different points value per 100g, making for a thrilling competition. Teams had one hour for trash pickup and 20 minutes for sorting.

Photo by Venice Paparazzi

The event’s main highlight came when Trashie Yoga, a team of local environmental enthusiasts – Beatrice Hernandez, Isabella Morillo, and Michelle Seamon, won the competition with a total of 1804.6 points and 7.73kg (17.03 lbs) of trash collected. They were awarded an all-expenses-paid trip to Tokyo, Japan, to compete in the Spogomi World Cup 2023 in November this year, featuring 20 other countries.

Runners up, ranging from 2nd to 5th place, were also rewarded with local business gift cards from Belles Beach House, Cookies Venice, The Anchor, Wabi on Rose, and The Great Western Steak & Hoagie Co, who generously donated the prizes.

Photo courtesy of Spogomi

Alf Alpha holding down the beat in the Sonido truck Photo by @daveortegaa

The event was operated by Doya! Japan LLC, presented by The Nippon Foundation, and supported by Fast Retailing (Uniqlo). Special thanks go to Venice Community Cleanups and Venice Beach BID for their promotional and operational support. We extend gratitude to Venice Beach Games and Venice Paparazzi for incorporating us into their fantastic event.  


The closing ceremony, accompanied by the lively tunes of Alf Alpha, marked a fitting end to an extraordinary day of community service, environmental action, and sportsmanship. The Spogomi World Cup 2023 USA Stage successfully combined sports and environmentalism, setting a precedent for future initiatives.

About Spogomi:

Spogomi is a sports event that started in Japan in 2008. It aims to turn traditional litter-picking activities into a competitive game, promoting teamwork, civic responsibility, and recycling habits in a fun, engaging manner.

Introducing our champions of the Spogomi World Cup 2023 USA Stage, Trashie Yoga!

Trashie Yoga is not just a team, but an inspiring organization dedicated to physical, mental, and environmental wellness. Founded by Beatrice Hernandez, a certified yoga instructor with a vision, Trashie Yoga embodies the transformative power of conscious action.

Beatrice, deeply affected by the sight of litter on her beloved Venice Beach, joined hands with Venice Community Cleanups, founded by Chris Lee. Together, they fostered a community united in their quest for cleanliness.

Bringing her artistic vision to Trashie Yoga, co-founder Isabella Morillo uses art to promote environmental awareness and bring a creative flair to their mission.

For the Spogomi competition, they were joined by Michelle Tidwell, a passionate environmental advocate who was the perfect addition to their team. Together, they worked diligently, not just to win, but to make a difference, one piece of trash at a time.

And now, they are all set to represent the United States in the inaugural Spogomi World Trash Pick-Up competition in Japan. Their journey so far is a testament to the power of collective action and the positive impact it can have on our planet.

From yoga classes to community clean-ups and environmental art projects, Trashie Yoga is all about balancing self-improvement with environmental preservation. This is just the beginning for them, and we’re excited to see the ripple effect of their efforts.

Cheers to Trashie Yoga for paving the way towards a cleaner, healthier world. Let’s follow their lead and join the cause!


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