It was the most epic of days!  The July 29 Venice Beach Games brought blue skies, amazing vibes, 100s of activities and organizations, 20,000+ participants and one giant collective smile from a community united in sports, fitness, wellness, and martial arts.

Activities included:  Calisthenics competitions, skateboard competitions, yoga, 3 group fitness stages, grappling zone, parkour, soccer, handball, group cycling class. beach handball, chess, beach tennis,  Capoeira, basketball, paddle tennis, pickle ball, long  board dancing, roller skating, Kinflow, jiu jitsu, dancing classes, hula hooping, wrestling, muay thai, boxing, HIIT training, rowing challenges, dozens and dozens of free giveaway from vendors, and more.

If you were there, then you know.  It was a perfect day.  If you were not there, then live it through the photos below and mark July 27, 2024 in your calendar so don’t miss next year’s Games.

Before we get started, a huge hug to all the photographers who shot the event and submitted photos to us via drop box.  Thank you!  The event was way too big for our team to cover alone and you have helped us preserve history by documenting the event!

Aerial view of the Epicenter Photo by @pj_la – @fhphotoclub

Aerial view of the Epicenter Photo by @pj_la – @fhphotoclub

Councilwoman Traci Park, Event Founder and Producer Alex Stowell, Venice Paparazzi’s Edizen Stowell photo by Jaimie Page

Alex Stowell here. As the founder and producer of the event, I would like to thank the event sponsors, sports organizations, gyms, vendors, and DJ’s who collectively made the event possible!  So they are listed below

I would also like to thank the 100’s of volunteers, but that would make this article too long, so I will do that in time individually.

Event Sponsors:

  • L.A. Dept. of Rec. & Parks for partnering up with me on to this.
  • Venice Beach Business Improvement District for believing in the vision and coming in in early March as the Title Sponsor, as well as providing pressure washing and recycling/trash bins and pickup.
  • Councilwoman Traci Park for providing critical infrastructure including restrooms, ADA, hand washing, and more.
  • The U.S. Army for jumping into the role of MVP Sponsor a few weeks prior to the event.
  • C4 Energy and Quantum Squares for sponsoring the Muscle Beach Stage
  • RIPD Calisthenics for sponsoring the United Nation of Gains Calisthenics Reps Contest
  • World Calisthenics for bringing the epic Battle of the Bars to the Games.
  • Superbloom (DJ’s too)  and Hoopla for sponsoring the Epicenter Stage.
  • Sweat Yoga for sponsoring the Ice Pass Recovery Zone
  • LA28 and Thumzup Media for coming on as Team Player Sponsors.
  • Venice V hotel and  Hotel Erwin for joining as Contributing Sponsors

Event MVP level sponsor the US Army

The Muscle Beach Stage Co-sponsor C4 super rad crew Photo by @AngelaWo07 – @fhphotoclub

L.A. City Rec. & Parks Sonya Young Jimenez and co-workers

Muscle Beach Stage co-sponsor Quantum Squares smiling crew

RIPD Calisthenics sponsor of the UNOG Reps Comp branding up the sandbox

In kind sponsors:

Venice Farmers Market, Trader Joe’s, Groundwork’s Coffee, Generic Events, Westside Mat Monsters, Paul Revere Middle School

Participating Sports Organizations:

United Nation of Gains, World Calisthenics Org., Street Paddle, Pop Paddle Venice, Skatepark Assoc. Intl. Girl is Not a Four Letter Word, Los Angeles Parkour, Venice Beach Football Club, Venice Ball, Kinflow, Vibe Ride LA, LA Skate Hunnies, Mike Koss Handball, Venice Pickle Ball, OLA Beach Tennis, Venice Skateboarding Stuff, Team USA Men’s Beach Handball, Teqball, Venice Skate Dance Assoc., LA28, Angel City Adaptive, Venice Beach Walking Tours, & more!

Participating Gyms, Fitness, Wellness,  Dance Studios, and Games

Ice Pass LA, Sweat Yoga, CAMPLA, Rey Diogo Jiu Jitsu, Make Step Foundation, Westside Mat Monsters, Capoeira Brasil, Sun Cycle, Santa Monica Striking,  Jiu Jitsu Flo, JFM Boxing, F45 Venice, Barry’s Bootcamp, Animal Flow, Basecamp Santa Monica, Box Union, AKT West Los Angeles, Cross Fit Paradiso, Santa Monica Row House, Movement Co., More of That, Divine Self Love, Rebound Boots, Dancing Foundation, Embodies Gymnastics and Somatic Arts, Eclectic Hoops, STP Foundation (Venice Art Walls), L.A. Chess Club, Venice Pong Club.


Pure Patch, Venice Electric Light Parade, unch Gunk, Liv on Labs, Mineragua, Shaka Tea, Roar Organics, Guyaki Yerba Mate, Alani Nu, Prime, Partake Brewery,  Culture Pop, Ashman Athletics, Dog Town Skateboards, Carver Boards,  Don’t Quit,  Sunrise Surf Academy, Venice Surf Assoc. Coco Delivery, Warner Bros. Meg 2 The Trench, Doya Japan, SDS Skateboards, LAPD, Venice Chamber of Commerce,  Reign Body Fuel, Uba Tuba Acai, Drymen products, ElitWeb 3 Solutions, Mikuna Foods.


Superbloom at the Epicenter,  Alf Alfa and the Sonido truck at the V structure, , DJ Potira and the Soundbox truck at the Dance Plaza, Jerry Park/DJ Cocoa at Muscle Beach.

Now check out these photos!

Photo by @pj_la – @fhphotoclub

Photo by @pj_la – @fhphotoclub

Photo by Venice Paparazzi

United Nation of Gains running the Calisthenics Reps Competition sponsored by RIPD Calisthenics. Photo by Melissa Robinson

The Parkour Zone. Photo by Roger Warren

Super popular cold plunges at the Ice Pass LA Recovery Zone sponsored by Sweat Yoga Photo: 511skinny

Rey Diogo, 6th degree Carlson Gracie black belt running jiu jitsu class in the Grappling Zone.


Photo by hedgehogie00 – @fhphotoclub

Barry’s Bootcamp running class at the Epicenter Stage

Barry’s Boot Camp’s class from the instructors vantage point

The crew from Cross Fit Paradiso Photo by @AngelaWo07 – @fhphotoclub

Alf Alpha holding down the beat in the Sonido truck Photo by @daveortegaa

Sound Box with DJ Porida. Photo by hedgehogie00

Photo by:  daveortegaa


Photo by Roger Warren

Photo by @AngelaWo07 – @fhphotoclub

Photo by @AngelaWo07 – @fhphotoclub


Photo: 511skinny

Photo by Melissa Robinson

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Thank You to Our Partners