Venice Paparazzi was on the scene at the 12th Annual Venice Holiday Sign Lighting

We hosted two super fun photo booths, one green screen and one Santa booth, and were the official photographers as well.  So if you made it out to the Venice Sign Lighting event, chances are you are in our photo gallery.  Check out the links below and find yourself.  Merry Christmas! BAM!

Thank you to this year’s VP photo booth sponsors: LA Car Guy, 811 Abbot Kinney@councilwomantracipark and @venicechamber

Here is a message from George Francisco Show Producer.

The 12th Annual Holiday Sign Lighting was a chance to give Venice and the entire westside a bigger, better and more joyful celebration than ever before.  And it was all thanks to the contributions and generosity of so many from the business community.  Our amazing restaurants sharing a little “Holiday Taste” …. the fun and games of te new “Windward Wonderland”….the amazing musical lineup joining our All Stars and Hall of Famers – Shenya Gee, Presley Tennant, Lisa Loeb, Paul Williams and surprise guests Smashmouth …the one-of-a-kind great guy and awesome talent Joe Manganiello helping us light the Sign…all of it made for a snowy night to remember.  Hopefully all of the love and smiles last everyone through the holiday season.  Thank you all on behalf of the Chamber, Councilwoman Park and every last sponsor.  Onwards to a great 2024.

View event coverage by Team Venice Paparazzi.

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Emcee Mike Newhouse

Shenya Gee

Shenya Gee

Shenya Gee

Shenya Gee and 2x Grammy winner Rob Christie, our Sign Lighting Musical Director

Market Venice’s Nick Marler and Arvid Harnqvist

Presley Tennant.

John Beach from Yuzy, greets the crowd

This year’s Venice Sign Lighting featured al Holiday Taste of Venice! Savor delicious bites generously provided courtesy of an ALL STAR  lineup our favorite local restaurants!!  Thank you for making this possible! 

La Cabana Venice, Hinano Venice, The Sidewalk Cafe, Nighthawk Restaurant, Belles Beach House,  Venice Ale House, Baja Venice, Cervetca Venice, Eat at LA, Love Mario Pizzeria, Clutch Venice, Fig Tree Venice, Menolttis, Si Monla, Gjusta Grocer The Penmar, Penmar Events, Owa VEnice, Venice Beach Wines, Market Venice, The Rose, and the Butcher’s Daughter.

Presley Tennant.

Presley Tennant.

Presley Tennant.

“My Venice Holiday” Poster Contest

A message from Venice Sign Show Producer George Francisco!  9 years ago, we started the “My Venice Holiday” Poster contest as a way to inspire our young public school children to express themselves through art and to celebrate the unique joy the holidays bring to each person.  The focus of our Venice Art Crawl was missing a valuable component – involving children – the contest was a vehicle to put art and artistic expression in at a granular level with these kids and incubate a spirit of creativity at an early age that will be invaluable as they grow and mature.  It’s very personal to me, as a 8 year old, I won a poster contest and was featured with other winners in the local newspaper.  It was the first feeling of pride in accomplishment that I had ever experienced and while I never became an artist, it helped shape my entire personality and who I am as a person.   We’re nearing our 10 year anniversary and I hope we’ve made a small impact in our Venice kids’ development and done a service to our community’s reputation as a home for creativity and art.  Plus, let’s face it, it’s just a joy to see those little kids get cheered by thousands and be honored by our civic officials.

My Venice Holiday Poster contest

My Venice Holiday Poster contest winner.

My Venice Holiday Poster Contest Winner.

My Venice Holiday Poster Contest Winner.

My Venice Holiday Poster Contest Winner.

Paul Williams.

Councilwoman Traci Park and Paul Williams.

Venice sings a “happy birthday” to our Councilwoman Traci Park. Happy birthday Traci!

Venice honors local hero and LAFD’s Mo Nabhani. Fun Fact: Mo has a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Rey Diogo BJJ, and is a French Culinary Chef.  He studied Institute Paul Bocuse, a French Culinary School in Lyon, France.

Matt Unger from LA Car Guy. Thank you LA Car Guy for sponsoring this year’s Santa booth! You rock!

Hallmark star Jen Lilley and 2x Grammy winner Rob Christie, our Sign Lighting Musical Director. Check out Jen Lilley’s new film is “A Paris Christmas Waltz.”

“Richie ‘La Bamba’ Rosenberg, Brian Swartz and Ron Dzuibla” normally seen playing for Conan O’Brien but playing for Venice again”

Rachel Anderson, Paul Salvatore & Michelle Elliot

Lisa Loeb and actor Rob Morrow

Lisa Loeb and actor Rob Morrow.

Lisa Loeb and actor Rob Morrow.

Will Nelson, director of Columbia Pacific Advisors and representative of 881 Abbot Kinney, a new mixed-use hospitality project.

About 811 Abbot Kinney:

He and his team actively support the Venice community and are committed to working closely with the Venice Chamber and local stakeholders as they move forward to bring a new mixed-use and much-needed hotel project to the neighborhood, that will include a new restaurant and deliver a first-class experience to both visitors and locals.  For more info:


Local celebrity Joe Manganiello

Local celebrity Joe Manganiello and Show Producer George Francisco

Paul Williams, Lisa Loeb, and Joe Manganiello

Smash Mouth’s singer Zach Goode

Smash Mouth’s singer Zach Goode and Joe Manganiello

LAPD’s Adrian Acosta. You have the best smile Adrian. Thanks for everything you do.

Find you 2023 Venice Holiday Sign photos here!

Did you step in front of the Venice Paparazzi green screen photo booth.  Find it here! Photo booth sponsored by 811 Abbot Kinney.

View green screen holiday photos here.

Looking for your Santa Photo?    Photo booth sponsored by LA Car Guy. A special thank you to Santa, aka Ivan!   View pics Santa Pics here!

A message from Matt Unger from LA Car Guy!  “We are always thrilled to support such an amazing event.  Our family of dealerships sells the most EV/hybrid/alternative fuel vehicles in LA and it’s a joy to give the community in Venice, who share our values, a reason to celebrate! Have a blessed holidays everyone!”

LA Car Guy’s Matt Unger and family with Santa

Go down memory lane!   2007-Present Venice Sign photos by Venice Paparazzi.

Venice Paparazzi has covered Venice Sign events since the inaugural event of the lighting of the restored Venice Sign in 2007.  If you were at a Venice Sign event, we may have taken a photo of you.  Re-live the best of  2007-present Venice Sign photos by Venice Paparazzi.

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