Today the Venice Paparazzi spotlight shines on Jeferson Florisbal Lima a.k.a Lion Harp.

Fun fact:  Jeferson is a superstar server at James’ Beach!

How many years in Venice?

Around 10 years in Venice. Approximately 20 in Los Angeles.

Give us a brief bio of yourself:

I was born and raised in the south of Brazil. Moved to US when I was 21. After being part of the Brazilian Army for 4 years the change of scenery was very drastic. Coming to live on the coast of California was very inspiring and liberating. It was here that I started listening more to the voice inside that was calling me to live my wildest dreams and become an artist.

My goal has always been to express myself freely through poetry and music, hopefully impacting others positively to believe and also chase their own dreams.

Tell us about your art:

Describe your style, and what influences it?  Today I express my art through a few different vessels, including but not limited to, poetry, music, photography, and film.

My style/message aims to provoke the ones that come across my art to challenge the norm, and hopefully inspire them to take charge and chase their own dreams. Be in the words of a poem, a sweet melody from the harp, or a candid moment captured on a picture or film, I strive to express heart felt raw emotions that are to me the most valuable feelings we may experience through this existence.

My biggest influences are people and nature. I am curious and inspired daily by people and their story as well as how perfect and flawless mother nature has it and how blessed we are to experience it. I am a true believer that there is always a lesson to be learned and some of these experiences were meant to be. Just trust and live.

How many years, and how did you get into it?

I started with poetry back in Brazil in my teenage years. Every time I wanted to write in my journals about certain experiences lived I found myself writing it in the form of poetry. This behavior has become a great habit and today I have a book self-published entitled “The Transformation of a Cat into a Lion”, Where I compile a collection of poems that I wrote over the years based on my journey into becoming a harmonica player. The poems are very profound and inspiring and the influences were the pure exercises of living in freedom through believing in the self to freely create.

My music carrier had a late start as I picked up my first harmonica around the age of 26. I had always loved music and to become a music player was another dream of mine. In my teens I had played a bit of guitar but never connected with it as much as I did when I played my first notes on the Harmonica. I fell in love instantly with the sound of the instrument and put myself on a mission to learn the instrument well. With just a couple years of playing I toured with my first band where I also fell in love with the life on the road and decided to create a show of my own to be able to travel the world playing music on the streets. In 2016 I launched myself on my first solo tour called the Lion Harp Cross Country Tour, where I crossed 29 states busking in the major cities around the US. Such experiences led me to compose my first EP called Dreams, that was fully recorded inside of a 27ft sail boat. After the release of Dreams I went to Europe to promote the EP and travel. Living in a van I crossed 8 countries and performed in major cities around west Europe.

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Biggest accomplishment or favorite show?

My book and EP where two big accomplishments for me as well my travels around the globe.

I have a couple of favorite shows. the first was in Paris, when I was busking behind the Notre Dame Cathedral and had a crowd of many tourists from around the world taking their time to appreciate my music.

My second was just a few months ago at festival in Ventura, where I got to read a poem of a collaboration art piece I did with my partner Hannah Penninger a.k.a Lady Hannah Art.

What projects are you currently working on?

My partner and I are in the process of converting a school bus into a mobile Music – Art Studio / Home. We bought the bus back in July in North Carolina (where the bus is currently located), since then we have been planning and preparing for the move. So on the 25th of October we head to NC to start the conversion process and wish to be on the road bringing music and art to festivals and events in 2022.

A few personal questions:

Define success:

To live your dreams.

What is the best advice you have received?

Respect everyone!

What moves or pivots have you made during Covid-19 and the lockdowns?

The time off taught me so much and allowed me to pick up on personal projects that were behind. I was able to study and fine tune skills in other areas and understood much more how precious and fragile this existence is, therefore it was a humbling time of personal growth.

Finish off the statement “Art is…”

Art is Life!

Favorite affirmation, mantra, or quote:

I am a Lion in search of Zion, I shall not rest until I finish my Quest!

Favorite book, band or movie?
  • Book: The fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho. Among many others by him.
  • Bands: Keep on changing, but currently been listening to the Teskey Brothers.
  • Movies: Too many to list.
List 1-2 things on your “post covid” bucket list?

Play more shows, connect with more people.

Anything else you want to share about yourself to the world? Fun facts or accomplishments.

I am truly honored and humbled for the life I live and the art I create. To all of you that have come across my path and have shared the love with me, from my heart to yours a BIG THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!  Believe in your dreams. From a dreamer to another. It is all possible.

Venice Questions:

Describe Venice:


What do you do for fun in Venice during Covid times?

Surf the breakwater.

In the summer I took pictures for a surfing camping where little kids were learning how to surf, that was amazing and very fulfilling.

I wrote a lot of poetry and took Sunset walks with my lady.

What is your craziest or fondest Venice experience?

Crazy surfing stories and crazy after parties. And we leave it at that.

Anything else about Venice that you would like to say?

Yes, Venice is a phenomenal place and much can be lived here. Let’s take care of the beach and protect the community.

Who should Venice Paparazzi cast the spotlight on next?

A painter and great friend of mine. His name is D Castro. His art is phenomenal. He has a studio here in Venice and it is an extraordinary experience to visit his place. He also showcases his art on the Boardwalk.

My Harmonica teacher and a great friend of mine as well. Mr. Stanley Behrens. He is the current harmonica player for the band War, but has played and record with so many names in the music industry. Stan is a great man and a master of playing wind instruments.

How can one contact and follow you?

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