The skate park was on fire at the Venice Beach Games and thankfully, ace photographer Chris Hooten was on site to capture it all.  Check out the epic gallery below!

A message from Girl is Not A 4 Letter Word!

The Venice Beach Games was even bigger and better than ever before! Skateboarding took center stage and the skatepark was filled with locals as well as girls from Orange County, San Diego, one young lady from Mexico and a few as far north as San Francisco area!

Venice Paparazzi, Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word, Skatepark Association International, and the City of Los Angeles pulled off another epic day!

Cheers to all the people that volunteered to make this skateboard event a huge success: Robert Howard, Chris Hooten, Dainel Perez, Heidi Lemmon, Ian Logan, Cindy Whitehead, Kimi Kallman, Lonny Hiramoto, Bennett Harada, Lance Lemond, Bart Saric and many more!

Also a huge shout-out to all the sponsors that keep everyone stoked on product – this couldn’t happen with out all of you!

View photos  below by Chris Hooten @chrishootenphoto.


Mariah Marksman from San Francisco tackling the bowl like a local.


Evette Halitzka ripping in the mini bowl during the comp

The “Pup Cup” is always a hit with the beginners!! So much FUN!!


Ania Michel came all the way from Guadalajara, Mexico!

Volunteers and sponsors made it all a successful event.

When you get over 32 girls and women skating together it’s a blast! Thanks to everyone who came and participated!

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Thank you Chris Hooten @chrishootenphoto for your amazing coverage.



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