Venice Paparazzi is an information website and photo agency for Venice, California.  Documenting the westside since 2003.

Alex and Edizen Stowell started in 2003 as a photo booth on the Venice boardwalk, adding the media and event photography divisions shortly thereafter.  Alex and Edizen LLC, known to all as Venice Paparazzi has blossomed into Venice longest running, and #1 website focused on connecting Venice locals with the best events and opportunities to enjoy paradise by the sea.  Enjoy!

2023: The Year in Review for Team Venice Paparazzi

A message from VP team leader Alex Stowell. 

Spoiler alert!  We smashed 2023!  But there were some huge challenges on the way!  The year started off great! After a 2 year scare, Edizen was declared cancer free in Dec. 2022.   It had been 3 months since her chemotherapy and radiation treatments ended, and we were feeling optimistic.  We did Sweat Yoga’s January 31 day yoga challenge and were back to training Jiu Jitsu 5 days a week.  Then on Feb. 3rd, 2023,  Edizen’s appendix burst and she had emergency surgery for gangrenous appendicitis.  Damn!  So there we were, back in the hospital, with Edizen having her 4th organ removed in less than a year.  The recovery was a bitch, and Edizen, still detoxing from chemo, was in excruciating pain for extended periods of time.  Not stoked at all, we got mad and dug in, focused, made the adjustments, and kept going.  It took most of the year for Edizen to get out of pain and start  feeling anywhere near good again, but she did it!  And she is now in full form, back to the force of nature status that is her true self.

In March, Alex started putting the July 29, 2023 Venice Beach Games event together.  With initial support from the Venice Beach Business Improvement District, Alex worked tirelessly for five months to produce the Venice Beach Games.  And what a smashing success it was!  An entire Venice Beach Rec. Center take over offering free fitness and classes and competitions to the entire community.  There were over 20,000 attendees and 130+ organizations involved.  Alex worked with the City of Los Angeles Dept. of Rec.& Parks and Los Angeles City Council District 11 in order to produce the event, and also secured sponsorship from: the U.S. Army, C4 Energy, Quantum Squares, Hoopla, Superbloom, RIPD Calisthenics, LA28, and Thumzup Media.  View coverage here!

Venice Paparazzi’s Alex and Edizen with L.A. City Council Woman Traci Park at the Venice Beach Games

As the summer proceeded and Edizen got better, the Venice Paparazzi team was busy setting up photo booths and providing event photography to level up local events.

We have added some very cool new photo booths to our arsenal, including our Boomerang Booth and 360 Booth.   The Boomerang is a low cost, small footprint activation that brings huge fun to the party with boomerang videos and photos.  The 360 Booth makes rad, multi speed videos of people standing on a circular platform while the camera spins around them at eye level.  Thankfully, our list of clients continues to grow and repeat customers keep calling back!

In Dec. of 2023 we did 28 activations in a 17 day span.  Our clients included:  AEG, L.A. County Beaches and Harbor, Venice Chamber of Commerce, Marina Del Rey Boat Parade, City of West Hollywood, Runway Playa Vista, Terranea Resort, Neuehouse, Hotel Erwin, and more!  To accommodate the work load, we have added several new talented photographers and photo booth operators to our line.

Having an event in 2024 and need a photo booth or event photographers?

Our online presence and website traffic continue to grow for both and, a.k.a., as does our email newsletter subscriber list.  It is always fun to be out and about talking with people who disclose, “I follow you guys,” or “I read your article about that.”

Though the start of the year was rough, we hit the finish line full speed with a big smile on our faces.  We are looking forward to crushing 2024 along with you!

VP Fun Facts: 

Edizen  shares the same birthday date Nov. 16, with Venice’s founder Abbot Kinney.

Alex and Edizen met at the boxing bag at Muscle Beach Gym in Venice, California on Aug. 15, 2000. They have been best friends ever since.

Alex is a serious musician, and plays heavy, heavy music.  His Death Metal band WARSEED released a new single on NYE 2024, the track is titled The New Face of War. You can listen here. 

Venice Paparazzi’s Alex Stowell is the founder and event producer of the Venice Beach Games.

Venice Paparazzi’s Edizen Stowell was one of the co-founders of the Venice Art Crawl.

Venice Paparazzi celebrates 16 years of  Venice Chamber of Commerce membership, and 14 years of being on the Board of Directors.  Alex Stowell is the Chamber’s Tourism Chair.

Edizen is starting two passion projects that she has long wanted to do:

1. Edizen holds a National Title in Women’s Boxing, and a Blue Belt in Jiu Jitsu from Rey Diogo/Carlson Gracie Team. She is launching a project called Venice Self Defense. Her aim is to empower people to defend and protect  themselves, perhaps even save some lives.  Want to learn self defense, or get better at it?  Come join! Find out, fan, and  follow her journey!

2.  A highly  successful and extremely technically skilled photographer, Edizen has long wanted to start the Venice Beach Photo Club, to share her gift with others.  Love photography? Come join!  Find out, fan, and  follow her journey!


Venice Paparazzi has received awards from U.S. Congress, California State Legislature, the County of Los Angeles, the City of Los Angeles, the Venice Chamber of Commerce, & more!

Venice Paparazzi was selected by State Assemblywoman Autumn Burke as the Local Business of the Month.

Venice Paparazzi’s co-founder Edizen received the Spirit of Venice Award in 2015.  Since 1989, the Abbot Kinney Festival Association has recognized exemplary stakeholders nominated by the community for their contributions to the spirit, creativity and uniqueness of Venice.

The City of Los Angeles Certificate of Recognition reads “The City of Los Angeles celebrates the Spirit of Venice Awardee Edizen Stowell and gratefully salutes her leadership and dedication to our neighborhoods. Edizen’s unwavering commitment to the community has impacted countless people while improving and enhancing our quality of life. Through such steadfast dedication and caring deeds, Edizen has helped to make the City of Los Angeles a better place to which to live.”

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Alex and Edizen at the inaugural Venice Art Crawl event in 2010


Here is more info on what we do! 

Website One:
Venice Paparazzi has documented Venice and the westside since 2003.  Go down memory lane with Venice Paparazzi event photos! also has a stacked events calendar, the latest news, spot lights on many folks in the community, and whole lot of fun info. that shines a bright light on Venice.  We hope you enjoy exploring it, as much as we enjoyed creating it.
Website Two:, aka, aka features organized lists of information helpful to visitors and locals alike!
About our photo agency:
Our photography division documents history and pays the bills.   With over 1,600 events covered, we are the event coverage and photo booth specialists!   We are experts in:  outdoor festivals, corporate events, family functions, fun paparazzi, red carpet set ups, automated open air photo booths, social photo booths, on site printing, video production, corporate portraits, green screen, online galleries, next day photo slideshows, and more.

We travel!  Although we are based in Venice, California and specialize in the Southern California area we are available for travel all over the United States!

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Venice Paparazzi founders Alex and Edizen with their first photo booth on the Venice Boardwalk.  2003-2005

Here is how we got the name Venice Paparazzi.

The photo below is our first Venice Paparazzi photo booth on the boardwalk in Venice, California in 2003.  We built it from wood scraps that we found around the neighborhood. The 2.0 Kodak camera, 13 inch TV screen, and HP photo printer were powered by a deep cycle marine battery making us mobile. Back then not everyone had a cell phone so it was a quite a treat for people to see themselves on the screen. Alex was the photographer, and Edizen was the tech. As Alex would take pics of people walking along the boardwalk, he would yell “photo key chains… $5 dollars!” and point to the tv screen. Sometimes people did not like that, so if Edizen sensed hostility, she would immediately yell out “Gotcha.. Paparazzi!,” to lighten the situation up.  Hence that is where we got the name Venice Paparazzi.

This was our first paid photography gig in Pacific Palisades in 2004. The client found us working at our photo booth on the Venice Boardwalk. Wow look at that printing set up. Old school. Our gear back then included a 2.0 Kodak camera tethered into a 13 inch T.V., a milk carton, and a pink mirror. Oh goodness! How funny!


Venice Paparazzi featured on Venice Living Magazine!

We are honored to be featured in Venice Living Magazine.  A big fist bump to the super fun and talented staff at Venice Living for putting this together!  Thank you Carole Stine, Betty Bailey and Sam Diephuis for telling our story!  Go team!  View feature!

Venice Paparazzi featured on Westside Current!

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Venice Beach Games featured on Hoopla!

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Venice Beach Games featured in Westside Current!

Check out this feature on Venice Paparazzi’s Alex, Founder of and Producer of Venice Beach Games.

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