E-scooters banned from the Venice Canals

No more scooters in the Venice Canals!  The Geo Fence is up!

Here is a message from Voice of the Canals!

We are please to inform and thank all who collectively made efforts through your phone calls and raising the issues that have resulted in the prohibiting of e-scooters in the Venice Canals.  The photo below is a reminder of what we no longer want to see happening.
The eight e-scooter/bicycle companies know where all their equipment is located using GPS satellites.  They can also control them.  They do that with a “geo-fence,” which “broadcasts” an electronic fence over an area.  The Venice Canals now has such a fence.  When a scooter crosses the fence it is slowed down and then stopped.

Photo courtesy of Voice of Canals

Additional Information:

1.  E-Scooters are part of the CA Vehicle Code, Section 21235. It is illegal to ride a scooter on the sidewalks.
2.  The City of Los Angeles is depending upon the public for assistance with enforcement because they do not have enough traffic enforcement personnel. You can assist by using a Dockless Enforcement Service Request.  It is found at: myla311.lacity.org  Click on: Create Service Request. Look under “Transportation / Dockless Mobility Enforcement.”  Click on that, then click in the upper right hand corner.
For more Venice Canal updates, visit voiceofthecanals.org

Thank You to Our Partners