Apr 20 -28. BOOGER RED @ The Electric Lodge

A solo performance written and performed by Jim Loucks
Booger Red survives a rough childhood to become a renowned Hellfire and Brimstone Southern Baptist preacher. How can Preacher’s Kid Jimmy find a way out from under Booger Red’s larger-than-life shadow as he grows up and finds his own voice? If you’ve had a dream or a daddy, Loucks’ new solo performance is for you.

“Storytelling is in good hands with Jim Loucks…gifted with outgoing generosity and the evident drive to create the finest one-person shows in this generation. Booger Red is another well-appointed household in the village of Loucks’ solo career.” Dr Dave Robinson, Central Texas Live Theatre

Audience reviews for Booger Red:

“An outstanding hour of wonderful moving storytelling.” 5 STARS
“Louck’s unique voice is definitely one worth hearing.” 5 STARS
“He changes character so convincingly in persona and dialect, and his wonderful singing voice blew me away!” 5 STARS

Directed and Developed by Lisa Chess
Produced by Deb Loucks
Set Design by Sibyl Wickersheimer
Lighting Design by Brandon Baruch
Sound Design by John Nobori

For more info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2325699820998890/

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