Dec. 2 Celebrating the Light Within – Lighting the First Light of Chanukah

Celebrating the First Night of Chanukah- Dec. 2nd
Lighting the Candle Within
A Community Celebration for all denominations!We invite you to join us to
celebrate your inner light!
Chanukah, the Festival of Lights—the journey of 8 days of contemplation and meditation on a tribal struggle for religious freedom which facilitated a people’s ability to develop immense courage and strength to fight for their lives. Overcoming struggle and pain led to victory, and victory led to ultimate freedom, love, and joy.

Join Dr. Jaffe, MD as he takes you on a beautiful journey toward self-discovery above, freedom, joy, and abundant health. Understand the role you are playing, on this journey, and discover what you can do to help rededicate yourself. Let the celebration begin!

Dec. 2pm -1:30pm-4:30pm -Price: $15.00 Purchase tix:
Mystic Journey Bookstore – 1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd – Venice, CA
PH: 310-399-7070

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