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While our physical doors are still closed, we have SO many awesome ways to sweat together.

VIRTUAL STUDIO – what we’ve been loving about our Virtual Studio is getting to sweat, breathe, and practice together in a way where we can connect and interact together during our pre-class check in and all the way through savasana! It’s amazing to actually SEE YOU on screen, try out new class types together like our HIIT Pilates and Core Flow, and get to practice with Modies from near and far!

ON DEMAND – Sometimes, getting to a scheduled class on time is a challenge and we get that. Our On Demand library keeps growing so that you can find a class – anywhere from 10 minute meditation to 60 minute Freestyle Flows – exactly when you’re ready to practice.

INSTAGRAM LIVE – we have 4 Instagram Live classes for you each week that are donation based. We know these are challenging times for many of us – as individuals, as businesses, as parents, as a collective, and we do want to make this practice accessible for you to get to your breath and grounding, especially now. These classes stay on our IGTV for at least 24 hours.

OUTDOOR POP UPS – Classes? In person? Can you believe it? It has been amazing to see you in real life. Our pop ups are at the Echo Park and Venice parking lots, we practice with masks on and 6-feet apart, and the energy (and the heat from the sun) makes us feel like we’re in the hot room again. Check out the “Outdoor Pop Ups” location below to sign up in advance!

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See you on your mats soon, Modies!

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Modo Yoga LA East & West Co-Founder Alice Toyonaga and Emily Morwen.  Photo courtesy of Modo Yoga LA

Modo Yoga LA East & West Co-Founder Alice Toyonaga. Photo courtesy of Modo Yoga LA

The mind is everything. What you think you become ~ Buddha. Photo courtesy of IG:ModoYogaLA

About Modo Yoga!

What is Modo Yoga?  All Modo Yoga classes are built on the foundation of our Modo series – a dynamic system of postures and breathing exercises specifically designed to be practiced in the heat. Modo classes are accessible to all, from beginners to advanced students. A typical Modo class will have around 40 postures. Each class is intended to open, strengthen and relax the entire body.

What are some of the benefits of yoga?  Yoga builds strength and flexibility. It also makes us more aware of our breath, which ultimately helps to relax and calm the body and mind. People who practice regularly often notice that they are happier, have better focus, and are more able to handle the stresses of everyday life.

In featured photo: Modo Yoga LA’s Chelsea Ann File.  Photo courtesy of Modo Yoga LA

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