Radio Venice at 4:20 p.m. every Sunday

Radio Venice is a weekly webcast, streaming live from Breakwater Studios in Venice, California. Founded by Michael Jost, Rae Stanton and Roy Edwards in the summer of 2015 our mission is to showcase the unique blend of music that passes through Venice Beach and bring the magical sound of Breakwater Studios to a worldwide audience.

Join our hosts Michael and Tonan each week and absorb that Venice Beach Sound captured live in this eclectic studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Watch local and traveling musicians, and hear the sounds of Venice embedded within … this is the very best Venice has to offer.

Now for the whole world to experience … join us on Sundays at 4:20pm PST.

This is like no other radio station … this is Radio Venice.

Radio Venice … Live with Love from Venice
Weekly Live Webcast from Breakwater Studios
in Venice, California

This week’s featured artists:
stay tuned for artist announcements!

Hosted by Michael Jost and Tonan Ruiz
Enhanced by Barry Conley and his Outofcontrol-atron

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Produced by Michael Jost and Rae Stanton

For more info:  RadioVenice.TV

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