Postponed: Every weekend: DJ & free skate lessons at the Venice Beach Skate Dance Plaza

Here is a message from the Venice Beach Skate Dance Association!

Venice Beach Skate Dance Plaza is open to the public and skaters are always welcome to join us. Music is provided most weekend and holiday afternoons.


The Venice Beach Skate Dance Plaza is home to the most globally recognized skate dance was community in the world. The iconic outdoor roller skating phenomenon known as “roller dancing” born in in the mid 70’s with the advent of the polyurethane skate wheel and found its’ most famous home steps away from the Venice Beach Boardwalk, amidst the gritty urban beach landscape that served as a popular Los Angeles recreational playground.

Every weekend people of all ages, races, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds have gathered in Venice Beach to admire and share in the free skate lessons and solo and group skate performances that have been immortalized in movies, television and music videos.  Aside from its influence on popular culture, the Venice Beach Skate Dance Community has preserved its rich artistic expression in a safe, free, public recreational activity that has served the public and participants alike.

Skate Dance Association. Photo by Venice Paparazzi

Location:  Across from the Sidewalk Cafe.

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