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Edizen Stowell: Venice Paparazzi Co-Founder, Creative Director and Photographer

1. What do you do for Venice Paparazzi: Co-founder, Chief Creative Director & photographer
2. Number of years in Venice: 14 years
3. Business(es) owned: Venice Paparazzi and Kettlebell Boxing
4. Describe yourself: Motivated, thankful, positive and hardworking. Family and health is important to me.
5. Favorite activities?  Boxing, running and playing ball with my dog Smithers.
6. What organizations do you support? I support any organizations that protects the environment, animals and human rights.
7. Who inspires you? My mom.  She works hard, is always smiling and singing.   She lives in Canada.  I miss seeing her everyday.  Also, Alex inspires me.  He is very positive, has a good heart, and is a defender of the weak.
8. Define success: Living a life with no regrets or what ifs.  Health and great relationships.
9. Finish off the statement “Life is… about re-inventing yourself.
426372_10150719667251998_1549309618_n10.   Anything else you want to share about yourself to the world?
-I won a National Womens’ Amateur Boxing title.  I am the assistant coach at Kettlebell Boxing in Venice, Ca  I met my husband through boxing.
-I have a Business Degree and I majored in Marketing.
-Alex and I have been married for almost 14 years.  We met in Aug. 2000.  6 months later we drove out to Vegas and got married on February 6th, 2001.  Our  3-month old pit bull Butterface and older sister Zendy  were the only family members in attendance.   Butteface has his paw print on our wedding certificate.  He is one of our witnesses.
-I miss my dog/son Butterface very much.   Butterface died on May 18th at 6:58 a.m.  He died of cancer.


1.  Describe a perfect day in Venice: Kettlebell boxing from 7-9 a.m. Coffee and meeting date at the Cow’s End Cafe.  Playing ball with Smithers.  Canal  Club for happy hour.  Watching the sunset with my husband.   Just being in Venice with Alex  and Smithers is perfect.
3.. Since you have been in Venice for __15_ years, finish of the statement…. “I remember meeting Alex by the boxing bag, on my first day in Venice.  We  started a conversation 14 years ago and are still in it.
4. Your favorite happy hour(s) or dinner spot(s): My favorite spot.  Canal Club.  Happy hour 7 days a week.  Sun-Wed.  5 p.m. -10 p.m. close. and Thurs-Saturday 5-7 p.m.  Canal Club.  wwww.canalclubvenice.comNikki’s also has a great happy hour.
6.  Your favorite boardwalk treat(s):  Poke Poke.  The surfer’s sashimi.
7. Your favorite annual event(s): Venice Penguin Swim on January 1st by the Venice Breakwater , Venice Dog-O-Ween, & the  Venice Neighborhood Council’s  BBQ.

COMPANY NAMES(s): Venice Paparazzi and Kettlebell Boxing

 Hire Venice Paparazzi to be your photographers.

​We are not your typical paparazzi!   We take photos where you are the celebrity!   We are the event coverage specialists.  Since 2006 Venice Paparazzi has covered over 1,000 events.  Our client list includes Sony, City of West Hollywood, Warner Brothers, TriMega, Joie de Vivre, The Ski Channel, One Club, Gold’s Gym, Ralph’s Grocery, Clif Bar, Junior League of Los Angeles, Your Bash, Food for Less, K-1 Kickboxing, Venice Chamber of Commerce and more.

We specialize in custom photo parties, red carpet areas, on the spot printing, event coverage, personal paparazzi, and more.

Check out our list of services, and let us know how we can be part of your event.  We look forward to hearing from you.


KETTLEBELL BOXING is a cutting edge technical boxing and kettle bell training facility located in Venice, Ca. We use Russian kettle bells as the basis for our strength and conditioning programs and focus on precision techniques in regards to boxing skills. We offer small group classes and private training.

Edizen Stowell
Office: 310.745.1064
Mobile: 310.922.845
Headquarters: Venice, Ca
Office Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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    Smithers is one cool dog, and so is the owner