Article by Matthew Smith.

Winter is the sunset season by the Pacific. The past few days have been incredible as a light cloud layer always seems to move in around 4:30 PM. The disappearing rays bounce off of the water molecules in the sky and reflect off the ocean and create a fiery effect that is nothing short of breathtaking. The skateboarders are fully aware of this and seem to feed off of the aesthetic appeal in the sky and use it in their performances. The scene at the Venice skatepark certainly lends support to the argument that the activity of skateboarding is more art than sport. Competition is forgotten about just like the high noon, and collaboration takes hold. Each skater, with their own unique style, pushes one another to excel in the direction of their choosing. The pupils are the canvases and the medium is certainly the skateboard.

Here are the results:

1. Bennett Harada, dreads flying in his signature air.

2. Daniel Cuervo, of the Dominican Republic, with a McTwist attempt.

3. Mary Prideaux, skateboarder.

4. Eddie “Mighty” Moreno with a frontside air.

5. “Mighty” again with an invert.

6. A “Mighty” style nollie nosebone.

7. Go check it out.

Photos and write up by Matthew Smith.

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