The Neptune Festival is  the “Venice Start of the Summer Weekend” event!  The event is free, and open to all ages.  Participation is a must.   This old Venice tradition  was reinstated in 2011.  View Venice history lesson below!  This year’s Neptune Festival will take place on June 21st!  Additional details to follow.

Neptune Festival event itinerary:  

  • The event starts at the beach, north of the Venice Breakwater!  This is where King Neptune and his royal court will pronounce the start of summer!
  • Parade
  • After party at  TBA

Venice History: It began with the arrival of King Neptune in an outrigger canoe followed by Queen Venetia’s coronation and a royal procession along Ocean Front Walk. The queen read a proclamation commanding her subjects to engage in three days of fun and frivolity. The afternoon parade featured floats and costumed merrymakers wearing enormous plaster of paris heads that were manufactured in Arthur Reese’s studio. Windward Avenue was roped off for a street carnival where wandering gondoliers entertained.

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