Hey there readers! On occasion, people ask for guidance in purchasing a memento of their time in Venice. So, here it is! A list of the best souvenirs the area has to offer.

T shirts– Apparel is always a winner and there certainly is no shortage of opportunities to buy t-shirts in Venice. So, let’s divide this category into two subsets. First off, we have the t-shirt that screams authentic Venice. Get your Venice Originals T-s and sweatshirts at the Venice Originals skate shop on Pacific. Get your Hecho in Venice, Stay Shady and Dog town gear at either Animal House on Windward or Maui and Sons on Oceanfront Walk. And, there is a very cool custom printing shop called The Ave. that has one of a kind t-shirts and they even custom print on Vans and Converse. Or, stop by the Dept. of Rec. and Parks and grab a genuine Muscle Beach t-shirt at the park office at 1800 Oceanfront Walk. Lastly, stop by Gold’s Gym Venice and grab a shirt or tank top from the world’s most famous bodybuilding gym.

The second subset of T-shirts is the less expensive, more touristy style found on the boardwalk. There are at least a dozen stores that sell these on Oceanfront Walk, and most have several in the 3 for $10 category. However, the more desirable models are usually about $10 each.

Art- Nothing quite says “one of a kind” keepsake like an original piece of art. There are lots of hardworking folks on the boardwalk whose lively hood depends on selling their creations to folks like you. You can find tons of items small enough to fit in a backpack or large enough to hang on a wall. And, most of the time the price is negotiable.


Skateboards– Want to take buy a skateboard in the town that started it all? There are several skateboard shops around. Skateboarding Stuff has two locations on Oceanfront Walk. One is just south of Windward and one is at Brooks. Venice Originals has a store on Pacific Ave. just north of Windward. The Arbor Collective, which makes eco-friendly bamboo boards and apparel, has a location on Oceanfront Walk at Rose Ave, and a location on Washington Blvd. at Pacific.

Hats- Want a cool Venice or LA lid? The best place to get hats is on the boardwalk just north of 17th ave. They have a huge variety of colors and styles priced between $5 and $10. As well, they have sunglasses in every shape imaginable. You can get a lot of items for a reasonable amount of cash here. Ask for Chili!!!



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