Article by Venice Paparazzi’s Alex Stowell
CJ Gronner is the force behind Blogtown, a local Venice blog that has been telling the stories of the community since 2009.  


Cj’s passion to show that “community exists and “build bridges between people” throughs stories has fueled her writing in many arenas.  From touring and documenting road stories with Jane’s Addiction and Tom Morello to BlogTown to  working at the Free Venice Beach Head, CJ has been prolific in her output.
When CJ submitted an article to the Venice Beachhead in an attempt to get her stolen bike, not only did the bike get returned, but the paper offered her a job.  She worked there from 2010-2015.
One of reasons that writing is important to CJ is that “if you know someone’s story, you are more likely to treat them well.  And this fosters a sense of community.”  So, “it is my job to tell the stories.”
When she is not writing, the self described social justice warrior likes to ride bikes and go on beach walks.   Jack Kerouac is one CJ’s favorite writers, while she cites Rage Against the Machine, Prince, and Kris Kristofferson as her favorite musicians, and A Star is Born as her movie of choice.  Hama Sushi’s Strawberry Roll gets the favorite food nod.
CJ’s says “One Love, treasure the people and places that are here, because that is why people come to Venice.”
If you aren’t familiar with Carol’s writing, check her out on  BlogTown by CJ Groner.  And, maybe if you are super lucky you will be invited to her annual Norwegian Glog Holiday Party.   Woo hoo!

CJ with her  brother Paul Gronner, friend, William Attaway, friend, & Gallo at the 2016 Venice ArtBlock

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