Street Art, Murals, Galleries, Theaters, and more!

Got art? Are you an art enthusiast?  Well, you are in the right place!  Venice is virtually an artist studio masquerading as a town.  There is literally art everywhere!  Murals on every wall, galleries on every block, a whole block of live theatre, and that is just to name a few of the options.  Here is a list to help you organize your art safari!


Check out this list of Venice’s street art, history and attractions.

  • The Venice Sign: When Venice of America opened for business and fun back in 1905, there was the Venice sign, glowingly strung across Windward Ave.In 2007 it was recreated.
  • Venice Torso by Robert Graham
  • 20’ Ceramic Sculpture by William Attaway
  • 60’ V-Sculptue by Mark di Suvero.
  • Ballerina Clown sculpture created in 1988 by Jonathan Borofsky.
  • Binocular Building
  • The Venice Beach House by L.A. architect Frank Gehry.
  • Visit or paint the Venice Art Walls. Also known as the Venice Graffiti Walls. The Venice Art Walls are located on the sand in Venice Beach. These historic walls were originally part of the Venice Pavilion that was built in 1961. Artists with permits can paint on the walls.
  • Check out the Beyond Baroque Poetry Walls:! The words of Jim Morrison of the Doors, Manazar Gamboa, Philomene Long, Exene Cervenka of the Punk Rock band X, actor Viggo Mortensen, and others are engraved in the concrete walls of the LAPD substation and three public restrooms exterior shower walls.
  • Check out the “Tour of Venice Murals created by the Social and Public Art Resource Center
  • Check out the Venice Art Plaza on Venice Blvd. Venice Blvd. houses Pacific Resident Theater, Beyond Baroque and SPARC murals.
  • Keep your eyes out for Venice Murals on the Venice Beach Boardwalk.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – mural by Jonas Never
  • Jim Morrisson -mural by Rip Cronk
  • Venice Kinesis– mural by Rip Cronk
  • Venice Beach House– mural by Rip Cronk
  • Portrait of Abbot Kinney (A tribute to Venice’s founder is 50’ x 20’) – mural by Rip Cronk
  • A Touch of Venice mural by Jonas Never.
  • Endangered Species by Emily Winters
  • Look out for additional street art by Chase, Jonas Never, Isabelle Alford Lago, Jules Muck, and more.


Dine and drink at Hama Sushi. Located on the former Grand Canal in historic Venice Beach, California Hama was founded in 1979 and was one of the first authentic Japanese sushi restaurants in the United States. Hama also serves as an art showcase for local artists and shows surf movies during the evening. Visit the Hama-Wood patio bar “Shot-In-Venice” Film Posters, and their “Venice History” Dining Room and Sushi Bar.


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