Welcome to the new Venice Paparazzi website!

Alex Stowell here!  Venice Paparazzi has launched the new version of our website.  It is the 6th incarnation of VenicePaparazzi.com, and we are stoked!  

The VP team has been working hard on the build out for about a year, and we are quite excited about  the end product.  It has a stacked events calendar, the latest news, spot lights on many folks in the community, and whole lot of fun info. that shines a wonderful light on Venice.  We hope you enjoy exploring it as much as we enjoyed creating it.  We hope you enjoy exploring it  as much as we enjoyed creating it.

About Venice Paparazzi: 

Founded in 2003 by Alex And Edizen Stowell as a photo kiosk on the Venice Boardwalk,   Venice Paparazzi is  Venice CA.’s #1 community photos, events, news, and info. site!  And, we have been documenting Venice, and keeping the community informed ever since.  With over 1,200 events covered, and a photo archive of well over 600,000 photos, we are the longest running, and most comprehensive Venice website in existence, bar none.

Venice Paparazzi’s team leader Alex

Venice Paparazzi has received awards from the U.S. Congress, California State Legislature, The County of Los Angeles, The City of Los Angeles, the Venice Chamber of Commerce, and in 2015, VP founder Edizen received the coveted Abbot Kinney Spirit Award, due in part to her being a co-founder of the Venice Art Crawl.  In addition to both VP co-founders currently sitting on the board of the Venice Chamber of Commerce, our company partners with several community organizations for local project, including Boys and Girls Club of Venice, Venice Arts, Fire Station 63, and A Window Between Worlds to name a few.

Our websites, VenicePaparazzi.com and VisitVeniceCA.com work to shine a positive light on Venice, and to inform people of all the fantastic things going on in our magical town.  Our photography division documents history and pays the bills.  We offer event photography, photo booths, red carpet set ups, videography and more.  If you are having an event, hit us up, and let’s see how we can partner to make it better.

Thank you for reading!  Have fun exploring VenicePaparazzi.com.

Alex Stowell, Co-Founder
Alex and Edizen LLC.
Venice Paparazzi and Visit Venice California

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Here is a fun fact on how we got the name Venice Paparazzi.

This is the first Venice Paparazzi photo booth on the boardwalk in Venice, California in 2003. We built it from wood scraps that we found around the neighborhood. The 2.0 Kodak camera, 13 inch TV screen, and HP photo printer were powered by a deep cycle marine battery making us mobile. Back then not everyone had a cell phone so it was a quite a treat for people to see themselves on the screen. Alex was the photographer, and Edizen was the tech. As Alex would take pics of people walking along the boardwalk, he would yell “photo key chains… $5 dollars!” and point to the tv screen. Sometimes people did not like that, so if Edizen sensed hostility, she would immediately yell out “Gotcha.. Paparazzi!,” to lighten the situation up. Hence that is where we got the name Venice Paparazzi.

Venice Paparazzi’s co-founder Edizen getting the Spirit of Venice Award and being presented a City of L.A. Certificate of Recognition by City Council member Mike Bonin at the Abbot Kinney Festival in 2015

About:  Since 1989, the Abbot Kinney Festival Association has recognized exemplary stakeholders nominated by the community for their contributions to the spirit, creativity and uniqueness of Venice.

City of Los Angeles Certificate of Recognition reads “The City of Los Angeles celebrates the Spirit of Venice Awardee Edizen Stowell and gratefully salutes her leadership and dedication to our neighborhoods. Edizen’s unwavering commitment to the community has impacted countless people while improving and enhancing our quality of life. Through such steadfast dedication and caring deeds, Edizen has helped to make the City of Los Angeles a better place to which to live.”

Here is part of her speech on that fun day in Venice! “We live in a magical place! I love Venice and it’s people. And when you love something, you must do everything you can to support it and make it the best it can be. Thank you Venice, Abbot Kinney Festival, and to my best buddy Alexander Stowell for your support, acknowledgement and friendship.

Venice Paparazzi celebrates 10 years of  Venice Chamber of Commerce membership, and 8 years of being on the Board of Directors.

Venice Paparazzi’s Edizen Stowell was one of the co-founders of the Venice Art Crawl

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