Today the Venice Paparazzi Spotlight shines on D.J. & artist Leonard Croskey, a.k.a Mr. Numberonederful.

How many years in Venice?  12 years

Tell us about your art/medium?   I am a collage artist and vinyl DJ

How many years, and how did you get into it?
I have been a collage artist for about 16 years, and DJ’ing since ’83.

What projects are you currently working on?
I am the resident DJ at the Mar Vista restaurant for Saturday and Sunday brunch, with my  partner Raul, aka DJ Bus rider.  I am also at the Mar Vista Farmers Market twice a month, usually the second and third Sundays. Come check me out!

Where do you find inspiration/favorite artists?
I’m a big fan of Winston Smith. He is why I started creating collages. And DJ ZTrip is a big influence on my style of DJing.

What accomplishments, projects, or pieces that you are most proud of?   Years ago I produced a Trip Hop Opera project called ILL:OGICAL SRL with DJ’s, a Jazz musician and Opera singer. The album was called The Outermost, we performed all around Los Angeles, developed a nice following, and I believe that project changed my life. The other day I was at my gallery and wanted to hear some music, I wondered if my music was on Spotify and it was! That made me very happy. Look it up and give it a listen!

Favorite affirmation, mantra, or quote?  Love what do you, and surround yourself with people you can trust.

Favorite book, band or movie?  I love lots of music, but Portishead and Rhye are my favorite bands. Favorite movies are anything by David Lynch.

What causes do you support?  More dance floors in Venice.

What’s one thing we can do to make the world a better place?  Dance!

Anything else you want to share about yourself to the world?   I’m co-owner of Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, and I run an art organization called Cannibal Flower.  Between Thinkspace and Cannibal Flower, we curate art shows all across the globe and surrounding Los Angeles area. If you like art, or trying to start your art career, look us up!


Describe Venice?   I love Venice. Once you get a taste of Venice, you will love it too, it’s that simple.

Describe your perfect day in Venice? (start from morning to night)
Breakfast and coffee by the beach at a great table for people watching and checking out the skaters at the skate park.

What Venice places would you take a visiting artist friend?
The beach, they always want to go to the beach.

List any of your favorite Venice businesses, event(s) or activities? Those would be: The Del Monte Speak Easy. Eggslut. Flake. Canal Club. Tony V’s house of Gaffaw.

What is your craziest or fondest Venice experience?
I was DJing this really wild, super crowded, backyard party, and everyone was dancing, jumping, and singing to a remix of Brown Eyed Girl.  It was awesome!

Who should Venice Paparazzi cast the spotlight on next?
My good friend and DJ partner Raul Polit. DJ Busrider. He also lives on Venice.

Patrick Iaconis, Leonard Croskey, and Raul Polit. DJ Busrider

Where can one find you?


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