About Roller Dreams:  It’s 1975 and Venice Beach, CA is on the verge of a pop culture explosion. Young people seeking refuge from the turmoil of  Los Angeles flock to the eclectic ocean community and create a brand new phenomenon: roller dancing!
Their vibrant personalities and talent draw massive crowds and influence trends in TV and movies. Yet just as roller dancing flourishes, politics, money and gentrification conspire to take their dreams away. Roller Dreams is a vibrant, crowd pleasing film with a fantastic nostalgic soundtrack.
Plot Outline:  The rise and fall of the Venice Beach roller skate dancing scene from 1978 to present.   Can these soul-inspired brothers and sisters reunite and revive the roller dream?
James Lightning aka ‘Mad’
Sara Messenger aka ‘Sally Piano’
Terrell Ferguson
Larry Pitts
James ‘Jimmy’ Rich
Duval Stowers
Directed By: 
Kate Hickey
Produced By
Cecilia Ritchie & Diana Ward

Photos courtesy of Roller Dreams

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Roller Dreams is pleased to announce it’s Los Angeles screenings at Arena Cinelounge Sunset this Sept. 22 and 23, 2018.  Details here

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