Volunteers and food needed for Thanksgiving in Venice!

A Thanksgiving feast on the basketball courts is a long standing tradition in the V!

The folks who have been carrying the torch on this for the past five years could use your help!

Here is a message from the host Lost Angels Org!

For the past 5 years, a large group of volunteers ranging from all ages… come together to feed, clothed, handout toiletries and many smiles to the less fortunate community of Venice Beach. We successfully have had over 300 volunteers each event and served over 350 people who may not have a family to spend the holidays with, and are living on the streets.

All donations made to our 501c (3) Lost Angels Non Profit Organization are all tax deductible. So please do not forget to bring your receipts to receive a tax deductible on the day of the event.

We are now in need to pay rent for the space on the Basketball Courts of Venice Beach, and give a cleaning deposit. We are also short of tables being delivered, in which we use to get donated but we were not able to get them this year. We also need to pay insurance and health permit fees which in total add up to $1,000.

Please donate here under Tickets (Donations) https://lostangelsla.org/donate , you can also contact us via email [email protected]

Donations needed:  

Warm cooked Thanksgiving Dishes (with love), Desserts, Salads, Drinks , Hot Coffee, Bottle Waters, Utensils, Serving Gloves, To go plates, Trash Bags,Toiletries (Tooth brush, tooth paste, deordorant, bar soap, conditioner, shampoo, band aids, razors, sunscreen) Backpacks, Blankets, New Socks, Clean New/ Soft Worn Clothes & shoes.

This year we set to keep this movement going, but the rules have changed and Venice Beach Park has made it challenging for us to use this open space.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, hopefully we can be able to continue to help those in need with your help. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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About the host Lost Angels Org We live by the motto ” No One Ever, Gets Left Behind”. Lost Angels Org is a nonprofit organization determined to help make the world around us more caring, inspiring and fun while giving back and spreading love. We  focus on lessons which include learning new skills, setting goals, connecting with people from all walks of life, bringing our community together, and help change the lives of others. lostangelsla.org

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