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Friends, you’re invited to join Electric Lodge resident artist Body Weather Laboratory for the presentation of Flower of the Season 2019.  Now in its 18th year, Flower of the Season produces dance within a deeply considered, minimal yet encompassing approach to space and theatricality.

Date:  Feb. 17th, 2019.  3:45-5:45 p.m.

Façade of Time is a site-specific dance project comprised of sixty performers of mixed age and experience, contemplating the interplay between personal and collective, constructed and spontaneous, performer and audience. Although the dance concerns experiences in the moment, it is derived from and embedded in the history of the site. By performing in a public space, the piece incorporates the vicissitudes of environment, collapsing barriers and enabling access without pretension or hierarchy.

Venice, unique in Los Angeles with potential to meander through canals to boardwalk, sand and ocean exemplifies transformation. It is a city with a vibrant history, driven to dereliction, to become an icon of gentrification and a commercial metropolis. While its basic infrastructure has remained largely unchanged it is now home to many dotcoms but, still a destination for homeless and homeless youth. Venice has held the potential for the arts to be a source of healing in the community. Utilizing local spaces in novel ways, we forge artistic connections and develop work fostering professional and creative relationships.

Professional and nonprofessional performers—dancers, actors, and singers—are encouraged to apply. No prior experience required.

Façade of Time

Sunday, February 17, 3:45PM

2 groups of performers migrate from *two places in Venice.
*206 N Venice Blvd.  +  *Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Kinney Circle at Windward Ave.
Venice Board Walk at Windward Ave.
Venice Beach, breakwater

60 artists include:
Carmina Escobar, Paul Chavez with FeltLike
Jay Carlon, Samantha Mohr, DaEun Jung, Cat Westwood
Carol Flanagan, Rochelle Fabb, Carol McDowell
Destefano Deluise, Chloe Chappe
Morleigh Steinberg, Roxanne Steinberg and Oguri


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