The Venice Business Apocalypse

Well, it was has been a tough run as of late for businesses in Venice.  In the last month or so we have lost, or learned we will be losing:  The Canal Club, Maui and Sons, Surfside, and Windward Farms.

The Canal Club was a celebrated local happy hour for  20 years.  Maui and Sons, located right across the boardwalk from the skate part, took care of the local skaters since right after the park opened in 2009.  Windward Farms was a staple, a cornerstone, a business you could not imagine not being there, that sold groceries to Venetians for many decades.  Surfside was a fantastic, beloved live music venue that participated heavily in the community in its 2+ years.  Now they are all gone.

So what now?  Well, perhaps now more than ever it is time to shop local and show some support to the businesses that are still around.

Surfside Crew

Thank You to Our Partners