Happy Again’s founder Anja Skodda

Today the Venice Paparazzi spotlight shines on Anja Skodda, founder of Happy Again.

Tell us about your company:

Photo courtesy of Anja

Happy Again is an e-commerce pet nutraceutical company selling proprietary, biotech based supplements for dogs to prevent and treat the most common health issues in dogs, joint discomfort, hot spots, intestinal issues, and their immune system, improving quality of life and prolonging youth. We are building a brand that incorporates Quality, Purpose, Health, and innovation in the Pet world.

What is unique about your business?

Our brand is truly purposeful driven, of the 90mn dogs in the U.S., 54mn suffer from pain or discomfort. Treatment for pain and discomfort is expensive and time-consuming, often yielding in mixed results. Happy Again Pet was founded to tackle the most common health issues in a dog’s life, for the purpose of preventing them and support their treatment.  We want our pets to live the best, longest and happiest life they possibly can, by complementing their diet.

How long in business, and how did you get started? Where did the idea or inspiration come from?

Happy Again was created by me for my English Bulldog Tony, who was an avid skateboarder could not skateboard anymore, due to joint discomfort.  I used my research in cartilage tissue engineering to help develop a solution to his condition with an aim to get him back on his board. Tony was back within a week. After this we handed it to friends and family and tried it ourselves, as it is human grate!  Everybody got back to me, telling me they have no more pain in hips, knees or back.  I decided to build a Brand to help all dogs (clearly dogs are more important…), after a woman called me crying as her dog could stand up on her own again because of Happy Again.  The Company was founded in 2018.

Happy Again’s Tony. Photo courtesy of Happy Again

How did you come up with the name of your business?

That was easy, when I saw my Bulldog Tony suffering and being extremely depressed not being able to skateboard, it broke my heart. Once my supplement brought Tony back on his board the only thought that came to my mind was “Happy Again.”

What would you say is the best thing about your organization?

Happy Again Pet solves health issues of our best friends.  It is such a reward, when you see and hear the owners thanking us, for helping their dogs!  We made it easy for dog owners with a subscription-based model, their dog will never have to skip a dose of Happy Again, again.  Our supplements support, healthy joints, shiny coat, moisturized skin, supports the intestinal system and builds a great immune defense. 

Tony. Photo courtesy of Happy Again

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Our Partnership with Cesar Millan. I always wanted to meet him and when I got a contact in his management I did not stop bothering them until I got a meeting. He promised me to try Happy Again, as Junior could not walk very well anymore getting older…. 3 months later after shipping many other people in his circle the product, he got back to me and said, “This works!”  The first time ever a supplement works for the mobility of my dogs, Junior is back to chasing the ball!  We became business partners.

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Future projects/Direction:

We are launching more supplements this Winter and introducing a human grade Dog Food line next year.

What have been your biggest challenges?

It was and still is the fundraising.  It is the biggest challenge of most Start-ups, but especially as a female founder it gets tuff.

What has been your greatest reward of running your own business?

Making my own decisions and helping dogs!

What advice would you give someone starting out in your field?

Never forget your mission and vision!  It gets difficult sometimes to remember why you started your business and your purpose while dealing with the Pros and Cons of your daily business life.  I do strongly believe you need a purpose-driven approach and passion to start your own business.  Remember:  It is never easy, but possible!

If you could go back in time, what’s one thing that you could have done differently.

If I could turn back time, I would have picked my first business partners more carefully. I did learn from those mistakes, but it was tuff to go through it all.

A few get to know you questions:

Define success:

Getting a message from a customer like this:

“I am so thankful I found you!”  We have a very old dog that we all adore and we thought for certain we were losing her!  She stayed hidden in a dark corner day in & day out!  She would hardly eat anything and only came out to potty about every other day.  We started giving her happy again on little bit of canned food and she ate it! In less than a week, she was coming out from her hiding spot at feeding time!  Now, when she hears me gathering up the feeding dishes, she comes running! She actually jumped with excitement (not very high but still she jumped)!  All 8 of our dogs are now getting happy again on their dinner! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” 

– Kari Hardy

Photo by @pitrack11⠀⠀

List 1-2 things on your bucket list, and 1-2 on your VENICE bucket list

1. Owning a farm with horses able to rescue tons of dogs in California!
2. Find a Cancer prevention or treatment for dogs.

VENICE Bucket list:

1.  Conquer my fear of sharks and learn to surf
2. Get a custom made hat from Nick Fouquet.

Where do you find inspiration?

On the back of a horse or while looking at the Ocean

Favorite affirmation, mantra, or quote:

“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.” – Dalai Lama

Favorite book, band or movie?
  • The signs: Decode the stars, Reframe your Life by Carolyne Faulkner
  • Band: the Bee Gees
  • Movie: Dirty Dancing

Photo courtesy of Happy Again

What causes do you support?

Rescue organizations, animal rights and saving the ocean.

What do you do on your days off?  How do you treat yourself?

Days off??:)  Exercise, go to the beach, horseback riding, and spending time with my family.

What’s one thing we can do to make the world a better place?

Not using plastic, not leaving it at the beach!  Be kind!

Anything else you want to share about yourself to the world? Fun facts or accomplishments.

With my background in being a biotech scientist, I love bringing science into our daily life. I started this with an Anti Aging Cocktail called ANTI EVERYTHING!

Venice Questions:

Describe Venice:

Venice is a Bubble, a paradise where you can meet very interesting people, artists and creatives with beautiful sunsets.

Describe your perfect day in Venice: 
  • 6:30 barre class at the daily method.
  • Walk the dog and get a coffee at Tom’s and sit in their back yard.
  • Stroll to the beach and grab lunch at Blue Stone Lane on Rose
  • Thrift shop shopping
  • Picnic at the Beach.
  • Sundowner at Zinque
Favorite Venice go-to spots?
What is your craziest or fondest Venice experience?

Snow on Abbot Kinney and sledding in shorts.

Anything else about Venice that you would like to say?

I love it!

Any shoutouts or thank you’s?

Thanks to Venice Paparazzi for all the amazing events like Dog-O-Ween.

Who should Venice Paparazzi cast the spotlight on next?

Jodie Fraser

How does one find you?

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