No matter what your fitness goals, Muscle Beach Nutrition and Muscle Beach Juice Bar has you covered! 

Wanna score some juice on the same hallowed grounds that Arnold and Franco used to blast through their work outs on?

You know, get swollen for the strollin’, jacked beyond all recognition and become a lust object for throngs of scantily clad women!   Well, I am not sure we can help you with that per se, but what we can do is show you where to get the best gosh darn fresh squeezed juice, smoothies, and supplements on the boardwalk!  And the two spots do happen to be located front and center at the proving grounds of Muscle Beach!


No matter what your fitness goals, Muscle Beach Nutrition has you covered! 

Their line of premium supplements is free of banned substances and hidden ingredients, and chalk full of grade A, high performance, muscle building know how!  So, let’s do it!  Check out the Muscle Beach Store Online or at Muscle Beach Nutrition, 1811 Ocean Front Walk.  Venice, Ca 90291

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Photo courtesy of Muscle Beach Nutrition

Photo courtesy of Muscle Beach Nutrition

Thing to do while in Venice!

1. Head on over to Muscle Beach Juice Bar!

Fuel up on some freshly some made pre-workout fuel, and step into the Pit for a next level workout at the world famous Muscle Beach Gym on the boardwalk.  1809 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291 

2.  Hit up Muscle Beach Nutrition and bring home a few canisters of their premiere pre workout, protein, and creatine supplements. 

You will be stronger for it!  A must do for any fitness enthusiast visiting the great town of Venice!  1811 Ocean Front Walk.  Venice, Ca 90291

3. As well, once your done with your workout and refueling session, let your peeps know what is up!  Walk around to the alley behind Muscle Beach, and get a photo of yourself hitting  a side double bicep pose with master himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Tag it, post it share it, #MuscleBeach and #MuscleBeachNutrition, and join the elite at Muscle Beach!




The current health and fitness boom that has been sweeping the globe for more than the last 4 decades was born and raised right here on the sun-soaked stretch of beach in So Cal, where the muscle is as plentiful as the waves.  This is where the revolution started! Where body building and fitness became a part of the mainstream culture-spreading far & wide to all corners of the world with pioneers like Jack LaLanne, Steve Reeves, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbo, Joe Gold, and Joe Weider, just to name a few.  And, as constant as the waves, the fitness movement has carried on through the generations, dating to its origins; all-the-way back to 1930.


The MUSCLE BEACH NUTRITION  brand was born right here from the same energy. It is inherently in our DNA.  Our corporate office is located right here in the middle of it all. Where the concrete meets the sand.  If you want to live the fitness lifestyle this is the “center of the universe!” Its where we live & breathe the culture of physique, the physiology of athletics, the pulse of fitness, the lifestyle of health & wellness… all playing-out right outside our front door.

Affectionately, we refer to our home as The Proving Ground. Which is exactly how we approach each & every ingredient in any MUSCLE BEACH NUTRITION product.  We feel so strongly about MUSCLE BEACH NUTRITION leading the way that our pledge and dedication is to raise the bar for excellence in Sports Nutrition.  In other words, our guarantee is as strong as our name! Members of our team are steeped in the core of Sports Nutrition, having worked with the biggest names in the industry and we are always advocating for integrity and compliance with products and ingredients. We believe only in ingredients that are effective and safe and crusade for truth and transparency in product labels. We test and certify down to the single ingredient sourcing with the promise that you see on our labels “Does not contain any substance banned by the NCAA, IOC, WADA, or any mixed martial arts, bodybuilding, powerlifting, or weightlifting federation, or by the U.S. Armed Forces.”

In Good Health!


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The World Famous Muscle Beach Venice Weight Pen is being broadcast live 24/7.

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