Let’s learn about the place we love.  For your quarantine viewing pleasure, check out Skater Made’s Top 10 picks for Venice made movies/documentaries!

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“Touch Of Evil”

Type: Movie
Director: Orson Welles
Small Description:  A stark, perverse story of murder, kidnapping, and police corruption in a Mexican border town. Shot in Venice Beach, the opening scene is the longest known movie pan. The mural by ‘Never’ is based on this classic film. Orson Welles and Charlton Heston did not like each other and you can see it in their performances.

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“Skateboard Kings”

Type: Documentary
Director: BBC
Small Description:  A rare documentary that BBC did about the Dogtown skateboarding scene in the 70’s. Starring Paul Constantineau, Billy Yeron, Ray Flores and Tony Alva. It’s a classic, one of a kind, documentary.

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“Dogtown and Z-Boys”

Type: Documentary
Director: Stacy Peralta
Small Description:  “The Birth of Extreme” brought to you by the Local Neighborhood Legends of Radical. This documentary is the closest thing to the truth about the legendary original rippers in skateboardings exclusive history from the 70’s. Influenced by surfing this group took it to the next level in performance and lifestyle. The book has the original articles written by C.R. Stecyk III.

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“STC2 : Concrete Dreams”

Type: Documentary
Director: Bart Saric
Small Description:  I may be a little bias with this selection, since I made the film. But in all honestly, there is a chapter dedicated to telling a shorter to the point tale of how the Venice Beach Skate Park came to be. It shares a brief history of the local area that gave birth to so many trendsetting Professional rippers, as well as, footage of some of the rising skate stars. With interviews from Geri Lewis and Jesse Martinez.

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“Made In Venice”

Type: Documentary
Director: Jonathan Penson
Small Description:  This is a full length documentary about the making of the Venice Skate Park. What it took, who made it happen, why it happened and how it almost never happened. A colorful cast and rare historic footage make this positive message a reality.

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Type: Movie
Director: Dennis Hopper
Small Description:  Directed by an old Venice ‘Oakwood’ resident movie star, this L.A. Gang / Cop tale centers around two cops working the local barrios in Los Angeles. Venice appears in this film a bunch, as do people from the neighborhood, including a young Don Cheadle. The music is by Herbie Hancock and Ice-T. It’s a classic 80’s Hollywood production.

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“Walk Proud”

Type: Movie
Director: Robert L. Collins
Small Description:  70’s film that deals with Gangs in L.A. This film focuses on a young west side chicano gang member, trying to find his way out of the lifestyle. Produced about 10 years before ‘Colors’, this movie also has a lot of scenes shot in Venice and neighboring hoods like Playa Del Rey. Starring Robby Benson, Sarah Holcomb and Henry Darrow.

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“Speed Freaks”

Type: Santa Cruz Speed Wheels Video
Director: Todd Roberts
Small Description:  This is the first video made by a skateboarding wheel company. Santa Cruz sponsored a lot of skateboarders from Santa Monica and Venice. Classic all around skateboarding film, with ripping footage of Dogtown skaters. Released in 1989 the soundtrack is as deep as the roster of skaters.

Website or link to view movie : Available from NHS, INC.

“Risk It : Gambling With Gravity”

Type: Santa Cruz Speed Wheels Video
Director: NHS
Small Description:  This is the second video made by the Santa Cruz skateboards company. There is a slough of ripping footage of Local Pro’s skating in Santa Monica, Venice, Mar Vista, Playa Del Rey, etc. It’s a classic all around skateboarding film, with more ripping footage of Dogtown skaters. Released in 1990 this soundtrack is as also as deep as the roster of skaters.

Website or link to view movie : Available from NHS, INC.


Type: Hosoi Skateboards Video
Director: Ivan Hosoi
Small Description:  This video is raw cut throughout. Team Hosoi skateboards released it in 1988. Lots of classic Venice Pavilion skating and ripping goes down throughout the Venice Beach and Los Angeles areas. DJ style soundtrack and tons of wall rides and jump ramp launches too.

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