Artist and C&O Trattoria owner Debbi Singer

Today the Venice Paparazzi spotlight shines on local artist Debbi Singer!

Debbi is a native Californian, who has lived in Venice since 1973 and has spent over 30 years of her life in the business of creating extraordinary experiences.  As a restaurateur and co-owner of two of Southern California’s most popular, welcoming and fun restaurants, The C & O Trattoria and Cucina; Debbi has played a vital role in the revitalization of the Venice area, helping to turn it into a hot-spot for art, dining and shopping that it is today.

Photo by Jen Marie photography

Here is her April 14th, 2020 Covid-19 message!

“When we last connected at the beginning of March; I was leaving for my annual Artist Retreat in Puerto Vallarta.  I had just participated in StarupLA Art Fair and was looking forward to the next “big thing.”  I returned to LA for the Startup Covid Nightmare.  What a difference a few weeks make. I normally return from art retreats so inspired to create.  “New plan.”  I returned to trying to keep the doors open at C&O Restaurants and ultimately having to board-up the C&O Trattoria that has been open 363 days a year since 1992.  It was devastating and has affected so many lives.

The uncertainty has been overwhelming.  What will our new normal look like?  What I know for sure is that we will get through this as individuals, businesses and as a city.  I do reflect back on my health challenge 10 years ago.  I survived and it changed my life forever.  Picking up a paintbrush was only one of the gifts that came from my journey.  I am confident that I/we will find strength, wisdom and resilience as we regain our equilibrium. (Post Covid 19)  Be well!”


“Finding the Way”. Lots of challenges, fear and uncertainty right now. One day and hurdle at a time.

Sending comfort to all in this time of uncertainty.

Tell us about your art. What makes it awesome?

I use acrylic paint, oil pastels, crayons, pens, pencils markers, brushes, hands, feet, you name it. The theme is detachment and play! “Don’t come in my sandbox unless you are ready to get dirty.”

How many years, and how did you get into it?

Painting has been a way for me to heal myself from the inside out. My practice started in 2008 after an ovarian cancer diagnosis. I used words, affirmations and painting for my healing. I work stuff out in the paint. Most of my paintings are happy accidents.

Describe your style:

Colorful, abstract expressionism. I have also been playing with faces digitally on my iPad. I did a 100 face challenge using my abstracts as backgrounds.

Art by Debbi Singer

What would you say has had the largest impact upon your particular style?

I have been attracted to the art of several of my mentors. What they had in common was a loose, crazy, paint slinging attitude. Quieting “my judge” has helped my painting and my life. It is a WIP.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am preparing to do a series called, “The Place Where Lost Things Go

Where do you find inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from music nature and my internal world

Finish off the statement “Art is…

My lifeline

What advice would you give someone starting out in your field?

Just do it!! Park that little voice at the curb

What causes do you support?
What’s one thing we can do to make the world a better place?

Focus more on what we want the world to be. Give less energy to what we don’t want.

Art by Debbi Singer

Art by Debbi Singer

Art by Debbi Singer


Describe Venice:

Venice is home. I have lived and worked here since the 70’s.

Describe your perfect day in Venice:  

A perfect day starts with a walk on the canals with my dog and a cup of coffee. A paddle or boat ride in the afternoon or blasting music and dancing and painting in my studio. Lunch or dinner with a friend old or new. An evening of live entertainment or a nighttime stroll. Ended with a candlelit bath and snuggling up with my hubby and Pup.

Photo by  Jen Marie photography


Craving Italian?  Take out with C & O Cucina! 

C & O Cucina (by Lincoln Blvd.) is open for Daily for Take Out and Delivery. 


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