Help is just a call away. Airport Marina Counseling Service now offers counseling via telephone and video.

The fine folks at Airport Marina Counseling Service are now offering phone and video counseling services.  So if you are in a bad spot, or need to talk with someone, help is just a phone call away!

Here is a message from Airport Marina Counseling Service:

(AMCS), founded in 1962, is a nonprofit, community-based mental health clinic that serves the LAX, South Bay and Westside areas of Los Angeles. The mission of AMCS is two-fold: to provide affordable, community based mental health services, and to train mental health therapists.

For 50 years, AMCS has offered confidential and professional psychotherapy services helping people to express their feelings, solve their problems, and find new ways to cope with life.

Let us help you deal with stress, trauma, hopelessness, depression, or loss of a loved one. We also offer assistance with parenting issues, problems of adolescence, life transitions, health or aging challenges, and caring for a loved one.

If you are having problems with self-esteem, child abuse, relationships, disability or illness, we are here for you.

If you, a loved one or a friend is in need of our services, please call us.  We are only a phone call away and offer a safe place to come for help and healing.


View video to learn more about AMCS.


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