Here is a message written by Venice Beach Skate Dance Association’s Pamela Pine!

We Did It!   We opened Skate Dance Plaza Friday, May 14, 2021.  Originally this was to be a soft, quiet opening for the people that have skated together for decades and to welcome and honor Sonya Young-Jaminez, the new Superintendent of Recreation and Parks, and Melody Velasquez Guitierrez,  the new on-site Director. 

The balloons in the background were a wonderful gesture brought to us by Recreation and Parks in celebration of our opening.  Although I deserve credit for making this happen there is a special woman that was either a good cop to my bad or vice-versa. We worked 50/50 together on this project beginning in 2019 shortly after the first Skate Dance Plaza Re-do failed. Her name is Kristina Hill, one of the original Venice Beach Skater on Disco Alley (Market Street) in the 80’s. She  fired me up to push to get the Cement Co. to Do It Over, even though it seemed impossible at that time.   But, with the help of Robert Davis, the previous Superintendent of Rec. and Parks, We Did It and they Did It!  

Dee Upshaw also deserves credit for his participation, his logical mind, keen attention to detail and calm demeanor offset some of our fire. We all played a part and  Together We Did It.   Also many thanks to two passionate skaters, Fatima Harmi and Wendy Waltz who both gave so much of their time and support to this project.

Thank you Pamela Pine and Kristina Hill for all your hard working on the Venice Skate Dance Plaza.

Pamela Pine thanking Bob Davis at his retirement party on May 4, 2021.


About the Venice Beach Skate Dance Plaza: The Venice Beach Skate Dance Plaza is home to the most globally recognized skate dance community in the world. The iconic outdoor rollerskating phenomenon known as “roller dancing” was born in in the mid 70’s with the advent of the polyurethane skate wheel and found its’ most famous home steps away from the Venice Beach Boardwalk, amidst the gritty urban beach landscape that serves as a popular Los Angeles recreational playground. 

Every weekend, people of all ages, races, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds have gathered in Venice Beach to admire and share in the free skate lessons and solo and group skate performances that have been immortalized in movies, television and music videos.  Aside from its influence on popular culture, the Venice Beach Skate Dance Community has preserved its rich artistic expression in a safe, free, public recreational activity that has served the public and participant alike.  

The Venice Beach Skate Dance Association DJ’s bring Music to Skate Dance Plaza every weekend…and during the week too. To find out more check out or contact Pamela Pine @ [email protected]


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Always a great time at the Venice Dance Skate Plaza. This photo taken pre-covid.

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