Calling all calisthenics fans! The bar is open in Venice!

What time is it?  Muscle up o’clock, homie!  Yeeww!

The stand alone pull up bar at the Sand Box at Venice Beach Recreation Center, which has been broken for literally several years, is now fixed.  And not only is it fixed, it is upgraded as well.   Scott Dinger, welder for City of L.A. Rec. and Parks, went the extra mile to hook it up.  He used seamless, therefore super strong, pipe that he had at his house, and welded those to the pull up bar uprights.  Then he attached a stainless steel gymnastics  bar that has flex for the main body.  This is the best configuration for the style of training the bars is used for and will surely last for years. Stellar work Scott!

See photos below:

For more Venice Beach  info:  Venice Recreation and Parks Center, 1800 Ocean Front Walk. Venice, Ca 90291,




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